5 Insta accounts for mindfulness & motivation

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15 Aug, 2019

Relaxation Day is all about feeling good in your body and mind. We’ve rounded up a list of fit-spirational accounts to help you reach peak mindfulness.

Claudia Mirallegro


Claudia’s Insta account is filled with zen-spriational retreats and clean eating. She is living her best life on beaut beaches and cityscapes. If you’ve never hit the mat before, you’re going to be posing in a pair of yoga pants in no time.

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Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott Pole

If you have ever taken to the pole after a few too many tequilas, (mentioning no names 👀) you will truly appreciate the skill behind Sarah Scott’s routines. Not only does she have strength that we could only dream of, but she is a fitness guru both on and off the pole.

If you are feeling inspired to take up the pole or hit the gym, you can’t go wrong with head to toe black mesh for a minimal vibe.

Jo Encarnacion 

Jo Encarnacion

Jo is a body positivity activist, yoga instructor, life coach and all-round inspiring woman. Her fire feed is here to show us that a ‘yoga body’ is for everybody, so there’s no excuse. Roll out the mat and assume the cobra position.

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Rachel & Kim

Rachel & Kim

These no-nonsense London-based girlfriends show us that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. They push one another to take squats to the NEXT LEVEL. We are all about their positive body mindfulness, but we are also here for the food…

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Faya Nilsson

Faya Nilsson

Fitness, fashion and food, Faya’s Insta account is giving us everything we are asking for and more. We are living for her strong mindset, workout tutorials, lustworthy holiday snaps and all-round inspirational feed. 

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