The Top 5 Iconic VMA Moments Of All Time

It’s nearly that time of year where we’re reminded once again that Miley gyrated against a giant foam finger and that head in hands moment when Kanye stormed the stage to proclaim Beyonce should have won Best Artist of The Year and not Taylor Swift. Awks.

Here’s a rundown on the top 5 VMA moments… ever. Because, let’s face it, if we had to pick one awards show where all the drama happens, it’s inevitably the Video Music Awards.

5. The living and breathing stage prop

This will always have a special spot in VMA history. Halfway through Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’ performance, she strutted over to the side of the stage and picked up a seven-foot python. If social media was a thing back then, it would have gone into complete meltdown mode. According to MTV, a girl went on a quest to track the snake down (as you do). So, if it’s ever crossed your mind and you’ve wondered what happened to Britney’s famous yellow snake, it’s apparently still alive. So that’s always good to know.

We’re less in shock that Britney picked up a python and more in actual shock that this performance is 16 years’ old. Not even joking.

4. “Miley, what’s good?”

A more recent Video Music Awards moment, 2015 to be exact, Nicki Minaj called out Miley to the whole world. You probably remember when Nicki had a full blown Twitter rant on how her ‘Anaconda’ video wasn’t nominated for Video Of The Year. T-Swift was caught in the firing line and, soon after, Miley got in on the action too, laying down some feelings about Nicki to Time entertainment days before the VMAs.

Nicki took this pretty personally and after accepting her award, Nicki didn’t fall shy on calling Miley out. It was a perfect mic drop moment that we wish we could do at some point in our lives.

3. The lip lock that went down in history

In the middle of performing a medley of ‘Like A Virgin’ and ‘Hollywood’ at the 2003 VMAs, Madonna shocked the world by whisking Britney into her arms and giving her full-on mouth-to-mouth. The whole world practically stopped turning after that. Gossip magazines went into overdrive, the news went into meltdown mode and pop culture was never the same again. Shit like this was wild in 2003 and, whenever we’re reminded of this iconic moment, we feel like we’re transported back into the time of cargo pants and double denim.

2. The iconic foam finger

This has definitely scarred us all at some point since 2013. Miley tore up the stage with Robin Thicke during his performance of ‘Blurred lines’ wearing a vinyl nude two piece whilst holding a large foam finger. The performance involved twerking, wagging her tongue more times than we can count and some major pelvic thrusts that we didn’t even think were possible. The dancers were dressed as teddy bears and the whole performance was just a bit weird. Still, the live reactions from some celebs were priceless…

taylor swift selena reaction
one direction vma reaction
drake miley reaction vma


1. The best VMA moment of ALL time…

You probably know what’s coming. Kanye never fails to be Kanye when it comes to speaking out. Back in 2009, he stormed the stage to exclaim that Beyonce had the best video of all the time. This left Taylor looking like a lost unicorn on stage. Whether you’re a fan or not, this was a moment that shocked us all. We could round off all the drama that’s happened between Tay and Kanye since then but you’d probably be here until you’re 80. They’ve had more ups and downs than Kerry Katona and now in 2017, the feud still hasn’t ended. Still… we’ve got a great one liner out of it all, possibly the best of all time…

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