5 Tips for your first-ever virtual Valentine’s

Who says staying at home cant be fun?

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 19, 2021

girl holding pink phone receiver virtual valentines

As much as we hate to admit it, Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different this year. Whether you are single, living with your partner or doing it long distance, we are all going to have to make changes to our normal plans. If we can’t see each other in person, it probably calls for a virtual Valentine’s celebration.

We are going to have to go without Galentine’s nights out with the girls, romantic trips to restaurants or Tinder hookups from our latest squeeze. If you still wanna make the most of Feb 14th, here are our top 5 tips for your first ever virtual Valentine’s.

How to make the most out of your virtual valentine’s date

Follow our 5 easy steps to create a fun night that won’t have you missing the usual Valentine’s traditions of restaurants and a movie.

  1. Cook the same meal or get takeout
  2. Play games
  3. Dress up
  4. Send gifts
  5. Make the most of it

1. Cook the same meal

Plate of tacos

One easy way to ensure that an experience feels shared, is by creating the same meal or drinks together. Work up a shopping list as a team and go and get your ingredients before the call. If you are feeling fancy, you could even order a restaurant cook-at-home kit or order a surprise takeaway to each other’s houses. The same goes for cocktails, decide on some fun recipes you both wanna try and make them together over Zoom.


You might not be able to play the usual games that you could IRL, but there’s loads of sites to help you inject a bit of fun into your virtual Valentine’s. If you want to introduce some drinking forfeits to your video date, head to the website Drunk Pirate for some fun ideas.

3. Dress up

Grid of 4 images, girl wearing black crop top

Just because you aren’t leaving the house, doesn’t mean that you can’t get dressed up, it is a date night afterall. The more effort you make, the more confident you will feel on your virtual Valentines date. This is the excuse you needed to wear all those nice clothes, you’ve been buying throughout lockdown. Who knows, you might wanna add some nice lingerie to the mix too.

4. Send gifts

Valentines gifts

Send a present in the post for your significant other to open. Save both your gifts until you are on your virtual Valentine’s call and open them together. You don’t have to spend much, you could buy their fave chocolates, make some sexy coupons or even send some polaroids in your new lingerie.

5. Make the most of it

Valentines aesthetic

This is the first (and hopefully last) time you will spend your Valentines in a national lockdown. Make your virtual date a night to remember. Put the effort in and make the best out of a bad situation.

What to wear for a virtual valentine’s date?

We are 100% advocates for dressing up at any possible opportunity and an online Valentine’s date is no different. Take a look at our top picks for Date Night outfits.