7 Easy ways to volunteer online

Ways you can help others for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Written by Liv Grady

February 17, 2021

Ways to volunteer for world kindness day

17th February marks Random Acts of Kindness Day and during the pandemic a small bit of kindness goes a long way. It can be easy to dismiss your actions and see them as minimal, but any effort you put in to brighten someone’s day is important at a time like this. Some people may be supporting neighbours and elderly relatives, whereas others might not have the chance to volunteer.

It’s pretty normal to feel a bit useless when the world is in crisis, like nothing you do will make an impact, but that is the wrong mindset to have. If you want to support a charity, but you can’t leave the house or your don’t have any money to donate, listen up. In honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we have highlighted some easy ways that you can volunteer for charity online, from the comfort of your own home.

Hot chocolate and laptop for volunteering from home

5 Easy ways to volunteer from the comfort of your own home

Take a look below and discover 7 worthy charities that need your help, better yet you can volunteer from your sofa! Whether you are shielding, working from home or furloughed, there has never been a better moment to put all your new-found spare time into good use.

  1. Age UK- Phone a friend
  2. Bookmark- Helping children learn to read
  3. Shout- Text message mental health support
  4. Be My Eyes- Help a blind person go about their day
  5. Amnesty Decoders- Expose human rights violations

1. Age UK- Phone a friend

Old age can be lonely and the pandemic has just amplified this. Elderly people who have been shielding, may not have seen or spoken to anyone in months. Age UK can partner you with an elderly person for weekly phone calls and catch ups to prevent loneliness.

2. Bookmark

Studies show that 2 out of 10 children leave primary school without having achieved the expected reading standards. This can have a huge impact on their life, not only reading books, but reading job specs, paying bills, writing birthday cards etc. You can volunteer with Bookmark charity by taking two virtual 30 minute reading sessions with a child each week.

3. Shout

Shout is a Mental Health text charity that allows you to provide support to people who may be struggling. You will receive training on how to offer proper support from someone who is in distress and then you can respond to their texts and help stabilise them.

4. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a video call service for partially sighted and blind people. It is a free app that connects someone who may be struggling with a task due to eyesight, with sighted volunteers. Through a video call, you can offer support and help someone go about their day.

5. Amnesty Decoders

As a part of Amnesty International, Amnesty Decoders is a charity that lets you volunteer from home. By using your phone or laptop, you can help researchers sift through pictures, information and documents in order to reduce human rights violations.

For more charity info such as interviews with Kris Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel or team members from Safe Spaces For Black Women, make sure you keep an eye on the Babezine, for new articles added every day.