Accounts to follow for a positive feed in 2021

It’s time to cut that toxicity out of your life.

positive accounts to follow instagram

Need to refresh your timeline with a little positivity for 2021? We got you. Trawling through a feed full of negativity can seriously impact the way you feel and see yourself. It’s time to cut out the toxicity and inject a little positivity. From celebrities to empowering quotes, we’ve rounded up all the Instagram accounts you need to follow for a positive feed in 2021.

Create a positive feed for 2021

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and remember that not everything you see on Instagram is real. Photos are edited and couples only show you the best parts of their relationships.


We all love Lizzo, but if you don’t already follow her on Insta, you’re missing out. She uses her account to promote fat positivity and absolutely kills it in every post. From dancing videos to real talk about body image, she knows how to make a girl feel good about herself.

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Sophia’s artwork has probably popped up on your feed a few times, but TBH you should just follow her because all her images are amazing. The photographer and artist creates positive messaging through the use of mirrors, beads, food and so much more.

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Tired of seeing constant negative stats, upsetting stories and the same news over and over again? We feel you. Good News Movement was an Instagram account set up by a journalist whilst he was in bed with the flu. It is a news source, filled with positive stories only. We don’t hear about the positives enough.

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A self help guru, manifestation expert and all-round positive-goddess, Roxie fills your feed with everything you need for a good start to your day. From tips for working from, to mini workouts and great looking food. We should all be a bit more Roxie in 2021.

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If you are not already following us on Insta, then let us brighten your feed. Not only do we post about fashion and indluencer-inspired outfits, but we also work hard to boost positivity, talk about sensitive topics and make you laugh. (Sorry for our shameless self promotion).

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