All the positive things that happened in 2020

It’s all too easy to focus on the negatives, let’s take a moment to reflect on the most amazing community moments

Written by Liv Grady

January 3, 2021

Harry styles in dress 2020

We are all too keen to write off 2020 as the worst year of our lives, but it is important to remember that lots of positives have come out of a negative situation too. This year has thrown a curveball for some, been difficult for others and grief-stricken for many.

Whilst it is easy to focus on the bad, it’s incredibly important to devote time to remember the good.

So if you find yourself closing 2020 with a negative outlook, it’t time to take a hot minute to look back at the amazing things people have achieved in adversity.

All the positive moments of 2020

Keep scrolling for some much needed positivity, to see your year off right. We saw thousands of people pulling together as a community, shopping for elderly neighbours, handing out meals to children during school holidays, raising money for our NHS and supporting our key workers. From fun celebrity moments, to heartwarming events, take a look at some of our fave key memories of 2020.

1. Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Tom raised £38.9m for NHS Charities Together and won over the nation’s hearts whilst he walked laps around his garden.

Captain tom moore cheering

2. Marcus Rashford’s Free School Meals Campaigns

Marcus Rashford’s campaign for Free School Meals during the holidays brought communities together in solidarity. Thousands of cafes, restaurants and bars banded together to provide packed lunches for the most vulnerable children on society.

Marcus rashford free school meal
IMG source: Talk Sport

3. Kamala Harris became the first female, Black US Vice President

Following the 2020 election, Kamala Harris was voted in as the first ever female vice president and the first ever black vide president, making a huge mark in the history books.

Kamala Harris standing in front of american flags

4. Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue

Harry Styles graced the cover of Vogue in a dress, which opened up conversations across the whole of the internet, with thousands of young people taking to TikTok to break gender stereotypes and dress in something they would never normally wear.

Harry styles for vogue 2020
IMG credit: Vogue 2020

5. Important conversations about Race

June was just another traumatic and devastating year for people in the Black community and their allies. The tragic murder of George Floyd opened up important discussions, started positive movements and may have even changed the world forever.

Black lives matters signs on fence
IMG Credit: New York times