All the TV shows we’re watching at Missguided HQ

As winter draws ever closer, we are always looking for something new to binge. If you’ve watched everything on your Netflix list already, don’t worry. We spoke to the team at Missguided HQ to find out what TV shows they’ve been loving.

Also, as a quick side-note, if you’re going to lineup a winter’s worth of TV shows to watch, you’re probably gonna want some new loungewear for that too.

Kayleigh- Graphic Designer

  • MINDHUNTER!!! (which is probs everyone’s answer lol) – I love a crime drama/anything about serial killers (which makes me sound super cheerful 😂) AND Jonathan Groff is a f*cking babe 😍
  • And the new season of Power… which is really bloody addictive once you get over the dodgy Grand Theft Auto style acting

Georgina – CRM Executive

  • Stranger Things: Everyone had been telling me to watch this for ages and I just never got round to it. I eventually bit the bullet and started binging it last month and finished all 3 seasons within a few weeks! Gripping story and characters I just couldn’t stop watching it.
  • Dead to Me: Is one of those series where each episode ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger so it makes you want to watch the whole series in one sitting (I think it took me like 3 nights of viewing to finish this tbh).  
  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race: Started with the newest series and was hooked, it’s sooo funny and easy to watch!

Liv – Creative Content Executive

  • The Good Place – It’s just one of those really easy feel good shows. I always stick it on TV when I want to switch off and chill out.
  • Bojack Horseman – Surprisingly dark and serious for a cartoon about a horse. I love this show, every series just gets better and better!
  • American Horror Story – We are now on series 9 (I think?) and I still have to follow each episode with an episode of the Simpsons before I go to sleep because it’s so creepy.

We asked around and got a few more quickfire answers to add to our watch list. If you’re not already set with shows for the winter by now, you will be soon…

Lewis – Creative Videographer

  • Mindhunter 
  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl

Amy – Social Media Assistant

  • Vampire Diaries 
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Jane the Virgin

Adam – Multimedia Design and Development

  • Top Boy
  • Fahrenheit 11/9
  • The Mind Explained

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