The babes to watch out for this year

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23 Dec, 2016

These are the babes we predict are gonna be huge for 2017.  Watch this space…

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She’s the Iranian-born singer who we’re expecting big things from in 2017.  Keep eyes peeled for her debut album release next year…

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Ama Lou might only be 18 years old but she’s set to be a break out talent in the music industry in 2017.  Check out her debut release TBC, sure to be your go-to track from now on.

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If you don’t know Banks, you’re gonna wanna get to know her.  She’s just released another album, performed at the Dior Gala and she’s set to tour Europe at the beginning of 2017.

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She’s the Australian singer-songwriter and all-round mega babe whose music you’re gonna wanna get to know.

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Inspired by M.I.A and Missy Elliott, K Flay is the American rapper babe you need to get to know.

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For raw, emotional RnB tracks, Alo Lee is your girl.  Expect big things from her next year.

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Tommy Genesis is the cool af rapper – and Calvin Klein model may we add – whose making tracks for the generation of internet kids.

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Pink Oculus is the alter ego of Amsterdam-based singer whose hip hop and soul tracks are on our playlist on repeat.