Best Friend Halloween Costumes for 2021

The iconic duos

Written by Liv Grady

September 7, 2021

Halloween inspo for 2021

Forget couples costumes, we are ALL about best friend costumes this Halloween. Whether you are celebrating with your housemates, family or over a video call, here are the best two-person fancy dress costumes to try this year.

Okay who doesn’t love costumes? But Halloween is made 10x better when you can share your outfit planning with your BFF.

Dress up as your fave celeb duo, 90s nostalgic movie characters or cute cartoon heroes. Whether you’re scary or glamorous, whatever your vibe this year, find inspo from Missguided.

Best friend Halloween costumes

Monica and Rachel

If you’re a brunette and a blonde, Monica and Rachel are the ULTIMATE duo to dress up as. Throw on a little 90s nostalgia and get ready to go. Opt for their cool off-duty day wear, or go for iconic moments such as The One with The Wedding Dress or The One with Monica’s New Hairstyle.

Cher and Dionne

Clueless will always have a place in our heart, and there is no better way to celebrate your fave film, than with a fancy dress costume. Throw it all the way back to the 90s with cute plaid co ords that are SO whatever.

Blair and Serena

Spotted: Two best friends, recreating one of the most iconic on-screen duos. XOXO. It’s time to embrace your inner preppiness and don your cutest Upper-East Side inspired looks.

Paris and Nicole

That’s hot. It’s time to bring out ALL the pink clothes and diamantes from your wardrobe for Halloween. Go for a classic y2k look, or dig out a pair of dungarees for that Simple Life vibe.

Daphne and Velma

Jinkies! This is a cute best friend Halloween costume because at least it has elements of ghostly happenings. Fire up the Mystery Machine and find your best Scooby Doo-themed outfits.