5 Best TV shows with an LGBTQ+ lead

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Written by Liv Grady

June 24, 2021

feel good tv shows with lgbtq+ lead

A while ago, LGBTQ+ characters used to always end up as the side character. Their sexuality would always be downplayed and sex scenes? Non-existent. We don’t really miss those days. Since 2020, the representation of the LGBTQ+ community has blown up. Netflix has had a massive role in leading the way. The streaming service is pretty much known for its wide range of content. Whether it’s Dear White People, Orange Is The New Black or Hollywood. There are now horrors, comedies, romance, dramas, and thrillers with LGBTQ+ leads that you can stream right now. So, check out our fave movies and TV shows with an LGBTQ+ main character.

Feel Good

feel good tv show- two people hugging in bed

Written and directed by comedian Mae Martin, this show explores gender identity, the intricacies of relationships and dealing with substance abuse. It manages to strike the perfect balance between heartwarming, funny and moving.


atypical missguided

Atypical follows a teenager with autism navigating his life as a senior in High School. His sister struggles to make her own path while taking care of him. This track star eventually comes to terms with her sexuality.

how to get away with murder

how to get away with murder connor missguided

If you love all things finger biting tension, you will love how to get away with murder. One of the main characters is called connor. He is confident in his sexuality and a strong lawyer who gets the job done no matter what.


pose blury missguided

Its safe to say that everyone is obsessed with pose. Following a ‘house’ of drag queens. A mixture of LGBTQ+ members join together to create their own family.

sex education

sex education missguided

Everyone loves sex education, and with a new season just around the corner, we had to include this on our list. Set in a dystopian time that could be the 80s’ or 2021, no one is really quite sure.

So there ya have it. Not only are these series great in their own right, but their inclusion and sensitivity to the LGBTQ+ community is a breath of fresh air. Keep coming back to Babezine for more trending topics, fashion advice, and important subjects.