The best memes of 2020

This year may not have been what we hoped for, but it made for good memes.

memes of 2020

Whilst we have all been stuck inside this year, memes have been our saviour (no exaggeration). The mentality of this year’s memes has basically been ‘if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry’, which is all too relatable.

If there is one silver lining to come from 2020, it’s probably the sheer number of memes and TikToks that were just TOO relatable. Humans have long used humour of a way of coping with sadness, maybe it’s because we are too awkward to talk about our feelings, or maybe it’s just a f*ck it attitude, but either way a crap year has resulted in some groundbreaking content.

Let’s take a look over the 2020 timeline of memes.

Memes throughout 2020

My plans vs 2020

My plans vs 2020 was a trend that basically summed up what we were all feeling this year. Most of us are gonna look back on our insta posts from last new years eve and cry about how optimistic our captions were.

Gossip Girl Title Meme

There is no denying the creativity for the Gossip Girl trend. Basically, Twitter users were rearranging the title to create something completely different. Take a look at our faves.

Nature is healing

When lockdown 1 first started, people were shocked to see the Venice canals so clear, animals roaming free around empty cities and nature healing from years of damage. This amazing news, didn’t stop the meme creators from making some of the best viral moments of 2020.

Zoom memes

When Zoom first became a thing, we were pretty excited. Remember teaming your joggers with a nice top and planning the weekly quiz? Yeah the novelty soon wore off. Here’s our fave Zoom-related tweets of the year.

Remember Tiger King (yes we know that felt like 3 years ago). Take a look at our fave Tiger King Memes from the show.

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