Bridgerton 101

Behind the scenes secrets.

Bridgerton behind the scenes Missguided

It’s safe to say that everyone is obsessing over Netflix’s Bridgerton series that has just come out. The story follows Daphne, the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family, as she makes her debut on Regency London’s competitive marriage market. We don’t wanna give you too many spoilers if you’ve not yet finished the series yet. So, we thought we would give you a list of behind the scenes secrets from the Bridgerton cast themselves along with style steals you need for 2021.

Bridgerton set secrets

Bridgerton Netflix Missguided

1. The cast spent 6 weeks at ‘regency Bootcamp’

2. There was lots of prep for ‘intimate scenes’ 😉

3. Some of the cast had to warn family about the steamy scenes

4. The actors couldn’t take the amazing props home

5. The director is hopeful to create more seasons!

Steal the Bridgerton style

So, we aren’t really expecting anyone to run out and buy a ballgown any time soon (as tempting as it is). But there are ways of incorporating the Bridgerton style into your 2021 vision. Corset tops are killing it right now and are an amazing mesh of old and new styles. Grab one of our corset tops and pair it with wide-leg denim jeans, and your fave trainers for an insta worthy look.