Small changes to create a new you for 2021

Easy things to do for a more positive mindset in the new year

Written by Liv Grady

December 21, 2020

Small changes for a new you in 2021

Let’s face it 2020 just hasn’t been the one. It’s been a difficult year for all. Whether you have been missing relatives, struggling with hardship or facing a battle with mental health, we have all had to readjust and learn to live in the ‘new normal’.

If you are looking to make self-improvement steps in 2021, to not only feel better in yourself, but to also practise a more positive mindset, we’ve got you covered. Start scrolling for some easy ways to create a new you for 2021.

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How to create a new you for the new year

We are usually so sick of seeing the millions of ‘new year new me’ captions on Insta, but there has never been a better time to work on ourselves and introduce a more positive outlook for 2021. Basically, if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

Self love

Whether you have gained weight in lockdown, gone on a health kick or you are just maintaining your normal habits, battles with body image can be torture. It all starts with you. Work on being kind to yourself, saying positive mantras about why you love your body. Take photos and selfies just for you. Ditch the filters and the effects and go on your self-love journey. If you are really struggling with body image and confidence, make sure you talk to a friend or family member that can help.

Limit your screen time

Endless scrolling can lead to a bad sleeping pattern and have huge negative mental health consequences. Make a conscious effort to limit your screen time and step away from social media. We are not telling you to delete your insta or banish TikTok from the house, but try and put a screen time limit on your apps, so that you are aware when you have hit an hour. This will give you the motivation to put down your phone and pick up a book, try making something or just getting on with your day.

Learn to say no

Whether you cancel plans with a friend, bail on a facetime appointment or turn down a work offer, saying ‘no’ is important. We are always told to agree to new opportunities and make the most of our time, but nobody things about the negative impacts of getting run down and feeling anxious and stressed about plans. It’s okay to be selfish once in a while. Take a moment to ask yourself if you REALLY want to go on that socially distanced walk with a friend, and if not, it is okay to say no.

Take time for yourself

All of our ‘new you for 2021’ tips involve dedicating time to yourself, which is something we don’t do often enough. If you’re not in to meditation and mindfulness, no stress, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work on yourself. Just stick on your favourite comfort show, a pair of PJs and a facemask. If exercising gets the serotonin going, then take yourself out for a run. A little bit of what you love will do you good.

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