Easy non-alcoholic mocktails to make for Dry January

Your big night in doesn’t have to involve booze

Written by Liv Grady

January 28, 2021

mocktails grapefruit drink on chopping board

If you have made it all the way to this point in Dry January, then give yourselves a pat on the back. There is only one weekend left to go and you may as well see it out with a bang. Our easy non-alcoholic mocktail ideas are perfect for those who don’t drink and those that are trying to give up. You can still enjoy the experience of sipping on a fancy cocktail, without the drunken antics that usually ensue.

Whether you are looking for something sweet and fruity or a mocktail that has a botanical twist, we’ve got you covered. Discover drink combinations perfect for post-covid parties, or sharing with your non-drinking pals. Keep scrolling to find our top picks below.

Mocktails for dry january

watermelon cooler Mocktails

mocktails watermelon drink
Image and Recipe: Better Homes & Gardens

Wanna experience Summer in a glass? We got you. This super refreshing drink is easy to make and really healthy too. Pop your mixture in the freezer ahead of serving for a slush version.


If you love a love a mojito but hate the hangover that comes with it, then we have the ultimate solution. The Mock-jito uses fresh mint and lemonade to create a fresh and fruity alcoholic cocktail.

Grapefruit spritzer

Our grapefruit spritzer is the ultimate way to add a little sophistication to your lockdown mocktail party. Add a sprig of lavender for a botanical garnish. Top up with your fave sparkling water for a refreshing twist.

Melon, Mint & cucumber cooler

Take a sip out of summer with this cooling drink that is guaranteed to be a favourite of gin and tonic lovers. Made with fresh melon, mint leaves and cucumber slices, it feels hydrating and tastes delish.

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