Festive Christmas games to play with the fam

Don’t flip the table this season.

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Its Christmas day, you’re having a drink in your loungewear and your family have just fallen out over a game of monopoly. The table has been flipped and the cards are all over the floor. Let’s lighten the mood and play some Christmas games that aren’t too serious. Playing games on Christmas Day is a pillar of being British after all. So, let’s switch it up and try a new game this festive season.

Whether you’re spending lockdown with your family, or with your housemates, playing new Christmas themed games can add a little bit of spice to the colder season. So, we’ve rounded up our fave Christmas games that might even involve a little bit of drinking 😉

Festive Christmas games that won’t cause a fight

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Ring reindeer antlers toss

For a holiday version of ring toss (yes this is a drinking game), pick up a cheap reindeer antler headband and create hoops out of red and white pipe cleaners. Get the child of the family to sit with the antlers on and continue to take turns throwing the hoops at the antlers. It’s simple, if you get a ring on the antlers, everyone else drinks. If you want a game that guaranteed not to cause arguments, this one is it.

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Christmas style Guess Who

If you’re up for a laugh, beware. This game could cause some slight awkwardness. Give Guess Who a holiday twist by relating it to family members in attendance this Christmas. Print out polaroids of each guest to guess the correct person. You must use holiday prompts like ‘who got absolutely steaming last Christmas?’. When you guess the correct person, everyone drinks.

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Gingerbread house competition

The trick with this game is to wait until everyone is very merry. Pair up and give each pair the tool kit to a gingerbread house. Print out a pic of your fave house from any Christmas movie. Give them a 1-hour time limit, and watch the tipsy fools get to work. The great thing about this game is that all ages can participate and supplies great content for Insta stories.

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Christmas themed charades

This game is as simple as they come. Whether your fam is filled with amateurs or Pictionary connoisseurs, you can add a festive twist to your fave activity. Swap out the normal charades prompts for holiday movie titles, songs or themed. When a team get it right, everyone drinks. Watch your family get worse and worse as they continue to drink – hilarious.

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White elephant

If you’ve never played White Elephant on Christmas, you seriously need to add it to your new faves list. Everyone places a wrapped gift in a pile. Then people take turns to draw numbers which tells them which incognito gift to pick up. Guests can unwrap the gifts once they pick them. Then each player can ‘steal’ a gift from someone else when it’s their turn. Be warned, this game could get a lil competitive.

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What to wear for Christmas game night

Well, we would normally recommend a party dress, but since we’ve got nowhere to go. What’s better than playing games and having a cheeky drink in some cosy loungewear? Take a look at some of our fave loungewear picks below, or head on over to our best loungewear picks for lockdown round two.