Fun things to do on group video calls

Bored of Friday night quizzes with your friends, colleagues or family members? There’s loads of other fun things to do on group video calls that doesn’t involve ANOTHER painstaking general knowledge round. Scroll down to find out what you can do instead.

Bored of quizzing? Here’s some more fun things to do on group video calls


Go to the ‘cinema’

Download a casting app (there’s plenty of free versions online) and watch a film together. These applications mean that your TVs or laptops will display the same screen at the same time, so you can chat about the movie, eat snacks and enjoy yourself in the same way you would if you were together.

Cook together

Share a recipe you both wanna try, buy the ingredients during the day and then make the meal or cake together on video call. The best bit is, you both get to eat together at the end.

Costume party

Host a costume-themed scavenger hunt. One member of the group shouts out a theme such as ’90’s’ or ‘pirate’ and everyone on the call has two minutes to throw together the best look using stuff from around their house. Warning, this can get competitive.

Murder mystery

An online murder mystery night is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and have a few drinks with your friends. There’s loads of free murder mysteries online and the best part is, you can do them all remotely!

Virtual wine tasting

Catching up with your friends and drinking wine? What could be better? Ahead of the video call, make sure you all order the same bottles of wine, then join an easy wine-tasting course. Some are free and others cost around £10. You’ll be experts in no time.

If you’re still quizzing this weekend, why not try out some new video pub quiz rounds to liven up the atmosphere a little?

What to wear for group video calls?

When it comes to video calls, it’s the top half that counts. Team a nice top with your PJ bottoms, a pair of joggers or whatever the f*ck you want, because nobody will see them anyway.