Galentine’s Day gift ideas

Because Valentine’s Day for couples is overrated…

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 21, 2021

missguided Galentine's Day red car pink love heart balloons

Forget Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s day is around the corner. Because after all, sometimes your girls are better company. Having a best friend is exactly like a relationship. You rely on them to keep you sane, spend all night together watching Netflix, getting drunk and crying about how much you love each other. So, for Galentine’s Day this year, show your BFF’s how much you love each other by treating them to some cheap Valentine’s Day gifts. We have you covered with inexpensive gifts at Missguided to put a smile on your friends faces this galentines day.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Not got a Valentine? Don’t sweat it, your girls are your real relationship. Show them how much you care on Galentine’s Day.



Pick up some perfume to make your girls day this Galentine’s Day. No need to get the expensive Alien perfume, we have inexpensive perfume at Missguided. Go with scents that match your friend’s personality for a personalised gift.

Missguided MAKEUP SETS

Put your friend’s on to some new makeup this year. We have everything from makeup sets, brushes and our very own Missguided Beauty to transform your friend’s makeup bags this Galentine’s Day.


If you haven’t seen the ‘If you love her, Dior her’ friendship bracelets videos, prepare to be seriously jealous. Don’t worry though, we have you covered at Missguided with our inexpensive friendship bracelets.

relaxing bath products

Wanna zen out your friends for Galentine’s Day? Go with relaxing bath products from our beauty gifts range. We have bath bombs, fizzers, bubble bath and bubble bars to sit back, relax and refresh.

playboy gifts

Show your gals you love them with our Playboy gifts. We have everything from water bottles, notepads, perfume and even dog jumpers to upgrade their style for Galentine’s Day.

don’t forget a Galentine’s day card

Your best friends are one of the most important things in your life. So, make sure you say happy Galentine’s Day properly this year. Give Galentine’s Day meaning with our selection of inexpensive gifts. Go one step further and pick up some of our lingerie, take sultry polaroids and attach a pic to your friend’s gifts for an extra special Galentine’s Day treat.