6 stages of going back out as told by Rupaul’s Drag Race

Whatever you do, don’t f*ck it up

Written by Liv Grady

April 23, 2021

drag race sipping drink

So that’s it, bars are open once again and before we know it we will be dancing in sweaty clubs filled with hundreds of other drunken gals. Whilst we might not be there quite just yet, lockdown is definitely starting to lift and we are on the road to freedom.

To celebrate our slow and steady return to freedom, we have decided to take a look at your first night out with the girls, as summed up by the queens of Drag Race.

Your night out told by Drag Race contestants

Stage 1 Attempting to get ready and remembering just how hard a smokey eye really is


Stage 2 Arriving at pre-drinks and revealing your outfit to the group


Stage 3 Tasting that first tequila shot and instantly regretting your life choices 


Stage 4 Becoming best friends with people you just met in the girls bathroom


Stage 5 Walking back from the bathroom and realising you peaked too soon


Stage 6 Begging your Uber driver to take a route home that involves McDonalds drive-thru


Shop outfits for your first night out

June 21st is gonna be a big one, but in the mean time we have beer gardens and on 17th May we will be allowed to drink inside bars too. Make your you have your outfit prepped for the runway. Don’t f*ck it up.