Iconic Gossip Girl outfits that will make you excited for the reboot

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Written by Liv Grady

May 21, 2021

gossip girl blair and serena

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year, you have probably heard that a Gossip Girl reboot is on the horizon. The series will follow the new generation of Manhattan’s Elite and the return of the legendary Gossip Girl blasts.

We don’t know yet how Gossip Girl will send her blasts during the social media age, but we do know that Constance has a new Queen Bee and she might even be a match for Blair.

Here’s what we know so far: The new series will premier in the US in July. There will be 10 episodes in total and all the original writers will be involved.

Whilst the show will focus on a new generation of socialites, we are set to expect a few familiar faces in the series. One thing we do know for sure is that Kristen Bell will be back with her unmistakable intros and outros, after all what would Gossip Girl be without the voice overs?

Iconic gossip girl outfits

As much as we probably romanticise the outfits on Gossip Girl, some of them were very, shall we say, of the moment… Many stood the test of time, but others make you wonder what the hell we were all wearing back in 2008? (Chuck, we are looking at you).

Take a look at some of our fave fashion moments from the show (good and bad).

blair waldorf gossip girl
vanessa abrahms gossip girl
blair from gossip girl
jenny gossip girl
gossip girl outfits
blair waldorf in black and white shirt
blair and chuck
jenny from gossip girl in yellow dress
serena in gold dress

Steal the looks

Recreate some of the most iconic Gossip Girl moments, with Missguided dupes below.