The Rise of Barbie

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24 Aug, 2017

After being at the top of every girl’s Christmas list for over 55 years, Barbie has become a global icon inspiring girls everywhere to be anything they want to be. She has had over 180 careers and counting. Here we take a look back at how it all started…

1959: The Original

Barbie made her debut on the scene March 9, 1959, in a black and white swimsuit. She made a fierce entrance and over 300,000 dolls were sold in the first year!

the very first Barbie doll

1961: Oh, hey Ken

Following Barbie’s major success, Ken came on the scene to share the fame with her, never taking too much of the spotlight though, obvs.

barbie and ken

1960s-70s: Career Girl

Barbie made her move into the career world, with her first career choices in fashion, nursing and the arts. She became a ballerina, registered nurse and flight attendant to name a few.

registered nurse barbie

1980s – 90s: Everything Goals

Not only did Barbie have some serious fashion moments in the 80’s and 90’s, but she also kept climbing the career ladder – becoming a business executive in 1985, a doctor in 1988 and president of the U.S. in 1992. Yes girl!

barbie in the 1990s

2000-2017: Endless possibilities…

If there is one thing Barbie has taught us since her debut 58 years ago, it’s that through Barbie, girls can imagine anything they can become. After flying to the moon, Barbie went on to become a scientist, game developer and a martial artist.

astronaut barbie 1994


Here are some of our fave Barbie moments from MGHQ, just because…

Best Hair Moment

Totally Hair Barbie was released in 1992 and became one of the best-selling Barbie dolls of all time and no, we’re still not over her floor-length locks either.

best selling totally hair barbie

Best Fashion Moment(s)

Having exclusive access into the Barbie retro archive made choosing one major outfit moment impossible, so here are our top picks:

barbie archives best barbie moments

Best ‘Barbie & Ken’ Moments

Here are some of the world’s most famous couple’s classic moments together <3

barbie and ken moments

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