How to be a baller on a budget

Let’s be honest, being a student is expensive AF. Your purse is empty, your cupboards are bare, and your wardrobe is screaming out for a refresh. Luckily, it’s not too long ‘til the next instalment of your student loan hits your account (finally)! Here’s our actually useful guide to being a baller on a budget…

There are two golden rules when it comes to shopping on a student budget:

  1. Search for sweet deals and low-cost bargains for everyday styles
  2. Spend a bit more and invest in key pieces that will see you through the term and beyond

Here are save and spend tips to cover all your wardrobe needs and see you through the next few months:

Invest in a key piece – spend

It might not be under a fiver but it is going to last you ‘til next season which we would consider good CPW (that’s cost per wear, FYI). Plus, what’s not to love about extra versatile pieces that can carry you through the seasons? Think a new season denim jacket, LBD for those spur-of-the-moment uni nights out and some jeans that will see you through the next three years. 

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Back to basics – save

Basics are the unsung heroes of your wardrobe. Barely given a second thought, without them you often wouldn’t have an outfit. A few bodysuits in neutral colours can be paired with literally anything to give you endless options; leggings and activewear are a godsend for comfort in lectures; a jersey bodycon can be dressed up or down for night and day; A sweatshirt can be thrown over literally anything to complete a look. All of these items can be picked up for less dolla to give the rest of your wardrobe loads of mileage.

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Be your own stylist – save 

You’ve probably already got a dress in your wardrobe that’s pretty versatile or, if not, you can actually pick one up for hardly any £££. A casual dress is always a go-to win and can be dressed up or down for night or day. Add some colour to your ‘drobe: choose warm, bright colours to bring sunshine to your day, even if the weather is grey.

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All about accessories – save

Accessories can literally transform your outfit from basic to bangin’, and they don’t have to cost the earth. Whether you need a statement necklace to take your bodycon to the next level, a tote bag to shove your uni work in, or a killer pair of sunnies to hide your hangover, you can update your look easily and without breaking the budget.

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The shoes – spend

There’s nothing worse than stepping in a puddle and feeling the rain seep in through your soles. We don’t want to sound like your nan here, but spending a little more on some quality shoes really makes a difference (especially in Britain when you can see more puddle than pavement most days). Yes, every girl wants a shoe-drobe Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of, but if your budget won’t quite stretch then there are three essentials: A pair of trusty black boots, some casual trainers for every day, and a killer pair of heels for nights out. These are really all you need to get you through the season and to your next loan instalment! 

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Choose wisely – save

It doesn’t have to cost a bomb to look decent enough for lectures, hungover or not. Go back to basics and invest in a few chic but cheap pieces – you could bag a whole outfit for less than £30 – well within budget. Look to slogan tees, oversized sweatshirts and joggers.

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Dress for every occasion – spend

Sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yourself, and a big occasion is one of those times. From summer balls to graduation ceremonies, you need to look and feel head to toe WOAH. Choose a premium piece that is elegant and timeless, because when all eyes are on you, your outfit needs to slay. And don’t forget, a summer ball doesn’t necessarily mean a ball gown. Break the mould with a jumpsuit for serious style points, or go for an embellished midi with matching crop top for absolute goddess vibes. Of course, if a dress is more your thing, something floor length and fierce is sure to make sure you are the babe of the ball.

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Invest in something you’ll still love in 6 months – spend 

Not only is a coat an instant outfit-maker, it also has to see you through the winter. In fact, if you choose wisely, and go for a timeless style, you could still be wearing it years down the line. For something you could potentially be wearing every day, this is good cost per wear! Whether you’re going glam in faux fur, tough in a biker, or toasty in a padded puffer jacket, get something that will go with everything you wear and will keep you going through this season and beyond.

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Be prepared – spend

Chances are you’ll be applying for jobs and internships while you’re at uni. Make sure you have some interview-appropriate outfits in your closet so you’re not rushing around last minute! Co-ords or trusty midi dresses are an easy way to nail workwear style.

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Student discount – save

Did you know we have discount for students? (also, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive offers all year round).

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