How to celebrate NYE at home

Forget queues for the toilet and expensive cocktails

NYE at home 2020

Spending NYE at home could actually be a blessing in disguise. New Year’s Eve is often overrated, expensive and SO busy. Whether you are spending the big night with your family, your partner or your housemates, here’s a few tips to make sure you have the best night possible.

Forget the expensive club tickets and endless queues in the freezing cold, this year you get to spend the night just inches away from your own bed (the dream right?). Keep reading for easy tips on how to celebrate NYE at home.

Creating the ultimate NYE at home

New years eve toast

Invest in a new outfit

There is never a better excuse to wear sequins than New Year’s Eve. Getting dressed up for your big night in can make the evening feel more like an event. Got to get that midnight photo for the gram. Want more outfit ideas? Take a look at our fave sparkly dresses for NYE.

Make cocktails

There is no need to splash the cash and pay £10 for a disappointing cocktail or crappy mocktail, instead you can make your own. Combine your favourite flavours and add your go-to booze for a drink that hits the spot every single time. Need some inspo? Take a look at some new year’s cocktails to make at home.

Play drinking games

Whether you opt for ring of fire, or introduce some boozy forfeits to Monopoly, drinking games are a great way to raise spirits. If you don’t drink, why not add funny forfeits such as dares or shots of lemon juice. Take a look at the best drinking games to play with your housemates.

Dancing and karaoke

Make the most of NYE at home, by blasting your favourite tunes, investing in a disco ball and singing to your heart’s content. It is easy to make your home feel like a party venue, but without the queues for the bar or the toilet.

Throw a dinner party

Drinking not really your thing? Throw a dinner party and challenge each of your family members or your housemates to make a surprise course. You can even rate them out of 10 like Come Dine With Me.

Decorate the house

Adding a few streamers, balloons and banners will INSTANTLY put you in the party spirit, and that is exactly what you need this New Year.