How to land an internship in the fashion industry by actual interns

So you’ve got a wardrobe all your friends lust after, a bookcase full of fashion magazines, and you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada so many times you can quote the entire film. You’re sure a job in the fashion industry is your calling, but how do you take the first steps towards your dream career? Ask almost anybody in the industry, and you can expect the same answer: A fashion internship.

Don’t worry, despite what you’ve heard an internship in the fashion industry won’t be all making coffee and photocopying. You’ll have a real job in the company with real responsibilities. Depending on your role, you could be involved with model fits, photo shoots, buying, and even design.
We’ve rounded up some top tips from Missguided intern babes Suzie and Bronagh on how to get a fashion internship:

Apply, apply, apply (and then apply some more)

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 Don’t just limit yourself to roles that are being advertised online. Make a list of companies in your area that you would love to work for and send them a speculative application. Worst case scenario is you just don’t hear back (their loss right?), and best case is they happen to have a vacancy they haven’t advertised yet and you get an interview. Even if that doesn’t happen, they will probably keep your application on file for any future internship positions.
“Be persistent- I handed in a hard copy of my creative CV to Missguided HQ in person as well as emailing it about 5 times!” – Suzie, Garment Tech Intern

Make your CV stand out like you do

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You’re an individual. You’re creative. You stand out from any crowd because you’re an artistic, inventive, bad-ass, boss babe. But if your CV looks like everybody else’s, how will the recruiter in your dream company ever know? Think outside the box. And if the internship you want asks for examples of your work, then make sure your portfolio game is strong too. You want to show off all your skills and experience in the best, most innovative way possible.
“Creative CVs are the best way to illustrate your personality and professionalism when you need experience.” – Bronagh, Wholesale Intern Assistant

Be yourself

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Don’t turn up to your interview in 6-inch heels and a pencil skirt if you’re more of a skinny jeans and sweatshirts kinda gal – Your interviewer will see how uncomfortable you are and it will affect your performance! Try to dress in a smart version of what you feel comfortable in, and don’t be afraid to show off your personality and style (this is the fashion industry after all)!
“I turned up for my Missguided interview in a huge clear PVC puffer jacket filled with pink feathers…” – Suzie, Garment Tech Intern


Practice makes perfect

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If you’ve made it to an interview, you can be pretty certain that experience-wise, you’re a fit for the job. An interview is just a chance for your potential future manager to get a bit more information about your skills, and to see if you’d be a fit for the company (and whether they could go for an after-work cocktail with you – that is important)! Go over your application in detail, and answer honestly and confidently. Make sure you have a couple of questions to ask your interviewer too. You’ve got this babe.
“Most interviews include a presentation so practice speaking in front of people, make sure you know about the company and why you want the internship.” – Bronagh, Wholesale Intern Assistant


Final words about working at Missguided HQ
“The parties are amazing, and everyone is so friendly! If you ask anyone for help with anything/opportunities to do anything everyone goes over and beyond to help.” – Suzie, Garment Tech Intern

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