How to get fit (and what to wear whilst doing it)

Despite all those “new year, new you” resolutions, it’s nearly the end of January and the most exercise you’ve gotten so far is jogging from your car to the office ‘cause it’s raining really hard and you don’t want to ruin your curly blow. But it’s fine, January is just a practice month. We’ve teamed up with Pure Gym to give you some tips on how to get fit. Everybody needs to start somewhere.

 Book an induction at the gym

Every gym is different, and so even if you’ve been into a gym before you should still make sure to book an induction when you are re-joining. Inductions are run by personal trainers, who will tailor the session to your personal goals. This can be teaching you how to use specific equipment, giving you advice on classes, and giving you a basic routine that will focus on the areas that you want to improve.

Go comfy casual to an induction. While you won’t be doing a full workout, you may be asked to try the machines, so you can be shown how to work them.

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Learn how to lift

Despite popular belief, you won’t end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger if you lift weights – In fact, it’s one of the best ways to lose weight! When combined with cardio, lifting can result in fat loss, muscle definition, and lean muscle gain. The weights section can be quite intimidating if you are new to the gym, but you will be talked through it during your induction. If you want more advice and guidance, it might be worth booking in with a personal trainer, who can educate you on the best way to train to get maximum results, and will be able to tailor your plan as you get fitter so you can continue to get results.

For weight lifting, it’s advised that you wear durable shoes with a strong rubber sole to give you maximum stability. Avoid baggy outfits which could get caught on the weights, and instead, opt for leggings and close-fitting sports tops.

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Start slow and steady

When you’re not used to the gym, training too much can cause you to burn out or even get injured. You should aim for about 3 sessions a week to start out, with workouts that target your whole body. Do approximately 3 sets of 15 repetitions, and aim to lift about 50% of your body weight. As you progress, you’ll start to notice that there are some areas of your body that are stronger than others. This means you’ll be able to advance your workouts and start focusing on specific exercises that target the parts you need to improve.

Stay cool whilst you get hot and team some black shorts with an oversized vest for the ultimate workout look.

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Set yourself an outcome

Want to drop a dress size? Get a bum Kimmy K would be proud of? Simply build your self-confidence? Knowing why you’re in the gym in the first place is key to motivating yourself. Set yourself a goal you wouldn’t have been able to do before, like running a race or climbing a mountain. This means that even on the freezing cold winter mornings when you just want an extra 20 minutes in bed, you have an actual reason to get up and head to the gym.

Look hot, feel hot. New gym gear is the perfect motivation to get yourself up and active (who wouldn’t want to show off when you look that good).

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Eat a healthy, balanced diet

We aren’t telling you to completely cut out your hungover Maccies breakfasts. Or that you need to eat kale for breakfast, lunch and tea. However, as a general rule, you should be trying to make healthy decisions with what you eat. You don’t have to be restrictive, in fact, super restrictive diets are unsustainable. Keeping your diet simple, and the amount of processed food you eat to a minimum will give you results that you’ll be able to maintain.

Be comfortable with treating yourself. Meeting up with the girls occasionally for a post-workout prosecco is fine – You’ve earned it babe. Your sporty co-ord and trainers look is perfect to take you from gym to brunch.

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Thanks to Reanne Francis at Pure Gym for the tips. 

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