10 Hacks To Make Your Instagram Stories Artsy AF

Instagram Stories turned 1 this month, so to celebrate, we’ve rounded up 10 hacks we’ve discovered since Stories launched, so you can stand out from the crowd feed.

Let’s be real – Instagram Stories are totally taking over from Snapchat. From the face lenses to stickers, Instagram hasn’t shied away from the fact that it’s made an exact copy of Snapchat, but everything’s just a little bit better, amiright?

Here’s 10 hacks to make your Insta Stories artsy AF.

1.Choose literally any colour

That’s right, there is a hack to accessing all colours and enhancing them in your Insta Stories with just a couple taps of the finger.

How to do it:

Tap the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open the brush or text tool
Tap and long-hold any of the default colour options at the bottom of the screen to open the colour slider
Swipe across the colour slider to select a custom colour


2. Add a drop shadow to your text

Use this hack to create a drop shadow effect on your text to make it bold and beautiful.

How to do it:

Tap the “Aa” icon and write out your message
Tap the “Aa” icon again and write out the exact same message using a different colour
Arrange the top layer of text so that it’s slightly off-centre from the bottom layer of text


3. Create a solid colour background

This is a little lifesaving hack that will make it so much easier when sharing a canvas with drawings or using text rather than a photo or video.  

How to do it:

Tap the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select a colour
Tap and hold on the screen for 1-3 seconds until the screen is filled with a solid colour. 


4. Create a selfie sticker

Attention all selfie qweens, you will thank us for this one. If you didn’t think taking a selfie could get any better, you’re wrong. Instagram have brought out a new feature to bring out your inner qween.

How to do it:

Tap the sticker button at the top of the screen, and select the camera option
Take a totally fire selfie
Place the selfie sticker wherever you like on the screen. Tap the sticker and create a circular border around it. Tap it again and the border will disappear.

5. Cut and upload videos longer than 15 seconds

Got a video that you want to upload but it’s just over the 15 second cut-off? Here’s how:

Find the video in your camera roll
Tap the “edit” button to trim the video down
Once you’re done, tap “save as new clip”
Open Insta Stories in camera roll and upload


6. Adding music to your Insta Stories

Get the ultimate Friday feels by adding music to the background of your Insta Stories.

How to do it:

Hit play on your favourite Spotify playlist
Go to Stories
Simply hit record

7. Adding GIFs to your story

To really look like an Insta Qween, add a GIF to your story to fire it up a little.

How to do it:

Convert or download your GIF into a video file (just Google GIF to MP4 and a site should pop up)
Send the MP4 file to yourself on email
Save the MP4 and add it to your story via the camera roll.


8. Hiding your stories from your ex

Let’s be honest, we love showing off how fire we look, but sometimes we just got to block out the haters, and sunglasses only go so far. Here’s the hack you have all been waiting for.

How to do it:

Navigate to your profile and tap either the gear icon on iOS to access “Options”
Tap “Story Settings” below “Account”
Tap “Hide My Story From”
Select the people you’d like to hide your story from


9. Get more sticker options

Most of the stickers that come with Instagram Stories have a few extra colourway and design options that most people don’t know about.

How to do it:

Tap the stickers button at the top of the story
Choose your sticker
If the sticker comes up with a “Tap for More” option, you can tap it to swipe through the different options


10. How to hack the 24 hour rule

Wave goodbye to the stone age. You can now upload images to your Insta Stories that are older than 24 hours. FINALLY. Simply send the file to yourself via WhatsApp and this will change the timescale of the image or video automatically. We know!

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