How To Make Friends At Uni

If you think you can skip making friends at uni for the next three years, think again. Whether you’re commuting into university from home, or you’re packing up your wardrobe and heading to the other end of the country to set up a new life, everyone needs some pals. They come in handy on wild nights out, recuperating from the night before, dealing with f*ck boys and give a helping hand when it comes to a million and one deadlines and breakdowns later. So, with only a few weeks until freshers’, how do you make besties for life at uni? Check out our actually useful 10-step guide on how to make friends at uni:

1. Everyone is in the same boat

You’ve probably heard this good ‘ole saying time and time again, but it’s true. Everyone who has been to uni remembers their first day. Sitting in the big lecture theatre for a welcome intro and looking around to see who will be in your classes for the next 3 years. Remember – everyone is in the same position and worried they’re going to make no friends at uni first year. Just take some time to chill. They’re all thinking the same.

2. Social media

All hail social media! When you’ve got your A-level results and you’ve secured accommodation, chances are your halls of residency will have a Facebook page. See who’s about and be confident enough to strike up conversations. Make it light, friendly and chatty and they’ll defo reply. Insta stalking is an absolute must. Just don’t hit like when you’re 3 years’ deep in their insta and don’t let any deets slip during your Freshers’ week drunken rampage.

3. Smile

First impressions are always the most important. If you’ve got a resting bitch face and you’ve not smiled once, people are going to find it hard to approach you. You’re going to appear disinterested and people pick up on those bad vibes. I mean, don’t sit there with a massive grin on your face 24/7, but when people make eye contact, give them a little non-creepy smile and you’re doing just fine.

4. Pay some compliments

When you get talking to someone, be sincere and throw them a compliment. Love their dress? Tell them! Want to know where the hell they get their eyebrows done because they’re on fleek? Ask them! It’ll make them feel good and it helps strike up other related conversations. It’s also a good ice-breaker too, so say good things! Obviously, don’t do a Regina George.

5. Join societies

They’re there for a reason. Joining clubs and societies is the first step to making new friends. Into blogging? Join a blogging society. Love the idea of shaking some pom poms? Join a cheerleading group. Or if you’ve stumbled across the weirdest society ever and you just think ‘f*ck it’, chances are there are people who have thought the same. Plus, it takes you away from uni work and gives you those chilled vibes you definitely need in first year.

6. Don’t spend all of your time studying

Try to find the balance between work and play. You’ve probably heard “the first year doesn’t count to your degree” being thrown around now and again. Just to lay down the facts – universities often relax a little in the first year, especially as students are getting used to their degrees and life away from home. It’s good to get into the working spirit but, at the same time, don’t let it rule your life. Go out and have fun before the real work kicks in.

7. Be forward

Wondering how to make friends at uni living at home rather than in halls? Commuting to and from university can be a little tricky – especially as you can’t immerse yourself in the student lifestyle as much as if you were staying in halls. This makes it a little tough to get out and meet new mates – but we have you covered. If you’ve got chatting to a few people on your course, just be forward and ask them if they fancy doing something after. The worst answer they can give is no, and where’s the harm in that? You’re at a stage where you have nothing to lose, so go for it.

8. Random acts of kindness 

Probably the best way to make friends in uni!..These actually work in the world. Offer to cook for your housemates, or if you’ve got some Domino’s vouchers lying around, treat them. You can get some fire student deals at university from Sep-Dec and you’ll be the favourite person in your flat share.

9. Make it easy

No one likes a messy housemate. Clean up where you can and help out. Be respectful too – You don’t want to burn bridges too early.

10. If all else fails…

Forget the student union. If you’re on a night out, you might end up meeting your future uni BFF in the toilets. Because let’s face it, most of the drama on nights out happens in there. Need your makeup fixing? They got you. Crying over a f*ck boy? They got you. Need your life problems sorting out? They definitely got you. Girl power isn’t girl power until it’s 3am in the morning and you’re debating with a random girl whether to call your ex. If all else fails, consider the toilets a social breeding ground for future uni friends.


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