How to Make Money Without Getting a Job

You wanna make some extra money without having to skip lectures or miss out on the next sport’s social, right?  Here’s how to make money without having to get a job…

how to make money

1. List your stuff on eBay or Depop

What better way to make money, and make room for more clothes, than by selling your old stuff.  You’ve got to pay for your own postage but you can list items for free and you’ll be surprised how much money is hanging at the back of your wardrobe.

2. Get paid to shop

‘Cause shopping seems a lot more guilt-free when you’re basically earning money at the same time, and there are loads of cashback websites that will reward you for spending money on all your favourite sites.

3. Sell your skills

If you know how to use a sewing machine or you’re good at DIY then you could make and sell custom-made pieces to your mates at uni or be a total girl boss and set up a business online.  You never know, it might be what you end up doing when you finish your exams.

4. Hit the charity shops

If you’ve got an eye for vintage shopping then this one is for you, especially if you can scout out some designer labels to sell for more than you paid – that is if you can resist keeping them for yourself.

5. Sell your old textbooks

Signing up to a course in fine art might have seemed like a good idea in your first year, but one year on and you realise you’re never going to even touch that book again.  Your uni library or local bookshop may buy them off you. If they don’t, advertise to sell your books on the uni notice board for free.

6. Sell your collectables

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t go through the weekend without adding another Beanie Baby to your collection?  Well, it turns out that some of the bears are worth a lot of money. That goes for Polly Pocket too.

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