How To Make Working From Home Positive

Its about time you change your PJ’s, love.

Missguided Working From Home Office

It’s safe to say that we all dreamed of working from home before lockdown. The amazing lunches we could cook, the mid-day walk we could go on, waking up just before 9 am. Then reality hit. We have been in lockdown for nearly 9 months now and we all look like walking zombies and haven’t changed out of our pyjamas for three weeks. We think it’s just about time to switch things up and make our working from home office a bit more positive. 

Not only will this help you get back into the working day groove, but will help your mental wellbeing in these hard times. From tidying your house to choosing home office decor on a budget, and ensuring you have the correct desk chair to ease back pain. Take a look at our top tips on making our working from home space as positive as possible below.

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How to create a balance between work and home life?

The Sunday scaries are still in full swing, we all get it. Boundaries are so important when WFH. Decide a time that you are going to finish that day and do everything you can to finish on time. Pack your work things away immediately, have a shower, change your clothes, go outside and have some fun somehow. Listen to music, go on a walk – the possibilities are endless. Just remember to distinguish work from play.

What to wear when working from home?

Getting dressed out of your PJs can work wonders on your mental health. No need for a suit a tie, you can still be comfortable, and put together in your fave loungewear set. Take a look at some of our loungewear items below to spice up your WFH life.

Top tips on making your home office more positive from Missguided

Face a window

Green Desk Chair Desk Facing Window Missguided Working From Home

An easy way to feel more positive in your home office is to turn your desk to face a window if you have one. It’s so often that we position our desk against a wall to make space. What’s the point in this? Sure, you may have more legroom. But you’re facing a wall for 8-9 hours a day. This is crazy talk to us. Turn your desk to face a window to see the sky, chirping birds and clouds pass you by. This will do wonders for your mental health, and zen your home office out to the max. If you don’t have a window, no worries. Place your desk in the middle of the room, facing the entrance so you have something to look at, rather than staring at plasterboard all day.

Get a comfy desk chair

Blue Desk Chair Missguided Working From Home

If you’re going to splurge on one thing, this should be it. Thousands of people are complaining about bad back pain this year. There’s no doubt that this has been caused by working from home with bad posture while using makeshift workspaces. It’s well worth your physical and mental health, to invest in a good looking and appropriate white desk chair to help with posture this season. Make sure the chair has armrests and if possible, a headrest to really ensure appropriate back mobility.

Decorate your desk

Desk Decor Missguided Working From Home

Make sure you decorate your WFH desk to personalise the space to your aesthetic. After all, you’re spending so many hours sat at your desk, why shouldn’t it be an expression of you? Pick up a plant, mini decorations and stationery that will look amazing on display. Modern home office decor looks can massively affect your mood and put you into a more positive mindset. It just makes sense to make your space feel homely when you’re spending so much time in it.

Get organised

Desk Organisation Missguided Working From Home

It’s safe to say that not being under a watchful eye can make anyone get a little lazy this year. But having random pieces of paper which could be either extremely important documents or last years Mcdonald’s order cam make you feel really disorganised. So, why not invest in home office organisation? No one wants to work at a messy desk. You have to think, would I like this in the office? If the answer is a hard no, change it immediately to make your WFH space feel way more positive and organised.

So there you have it, our ideas of how you can make your working from home space feel more positive this lockdown. We hope you take a look at these ideas and implement them into your life if you think they can have a positive outcome. It’s so important to take care of your wellbeing this season. So, making these changes can be really impactful on your mental health in the run-up to Christmas. Check out our fave loungewear for working from home below to switch up your WFH outfit.