How to stay motivated working from home

Top tips from the experts at The Vibrancy Hub

How to stay motivated working from home

We teamed up with the experts at The Vibrancy Hub to find out their tips on staying motivated whilst working from home Whether you are a student trying to write an essay, or you are just trying to crack on with your day-to-day job, we’ve got you covered.

The Vibrancy Hub offer coaching and mentoring to help people with their mental wellbeing in the workplace. With over 13 years of combined experience, Katy and Laura are the EXPERTS when it comes to making the most of your work day. Take a look at their top tips to find out more.

Working from home tips with The Vibrancy Hub

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What should a WFH morning consist of?

Set yourself up for the day ahead as best you can – research shows that how you spend the first 90 mins of your day dramatically impacts how you feel and operate for the rest of the day. Get fresh air, move your body, nourish yourself with a healthy breakie, inspire yourself and raise your energy with music! Stay off technology and enable yourself to set your own mood for working from home for the day.

How do you stop yourself from getting distracted?

We humans can only focus for 60-90 min blocks, so set a timer and take a break after that block. Hide your phone away so you are not allowing yourself to be constantly interrupted and turn email notifications off! Only check emails during your designated ’email time’ so that you can focus on the projects you have planned to do.

How do you create a balance between work and home life?

Ah the dreaded ‘work creep’ – we understand this is so hard. Boundaries are non-negotiable here – decide what time you are finishing that day eg 5pm and do everything you can to shift the energy from work to play! Pack work things away, have a shower, change your clothes, get outside, do some exercise, MUSIC, make sure you have something planned for the evening that you are looking forward to – a call with a pal, an online yoga class or a long soak in the bath!

What are the most common misconceptions about WFH? 

That productivity = more hours at your desk! Sometimes the MOST productive thing you can do is rest / play / connect with others. Recharge your batteries – regularly – and come back to your work with focused energy.

What to wear when working from home?

Getting dressed whilst working from home can work wonders for your motivation. One benefit of not being in the office means that you can wear something you feel comfortable in. Take a look at some of our fave loungewear picks.