How to support people in the Yemen crisis

Yemen can’t wait, we have to help in any way we can. If you haven’t seen much about the current crisis, we’ve outlined some of the awful things going on and how you can take action to support the cause.

The Yemen Crisis- here’s what you need to know

The crisis in Yemen has been hugely under reported, due to the news being completely saturated with Covid-19. You may now have seen the troubling images of starving children and war torn towns. The people are suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the past 100 years. Not only are they fighting off an epidemic (cholera), a pandemic (covid 19), but they are facing a huge famine and there is a civil war going on.

This combination of events has led to 80% of the population in dire need of humanitarian aid. At this moment in time 100,000+ people have died, 1.8 million children are malnourished and every 10 minutes a child dies. The healthcare system can no longer cope with the sheer numbers and has completely collapsed.

Yemen Crisis facts
Yemen Crisis numbers

How can we help?

One super simple way to support the cause, is by spreading the word. This crisis isn’t spoken about enough, so use lockdown as an opportunity to educate yourself and others on the atrocities that are currently happening.

You can find out more details about the history of Yemen and how the people ended up in this heartbreaking situation on the Unicef website. Alternatively, watch the video below from the UN. (Please note, some scenes may be upsetting).

Where to donate…

If you want to give a charitable donation to support those most in need, we have dropped a few links below to trustworthy non-profit organisations that are working hard to help the people of Yemen.

Petitions to sign

Not everyone can afford to donate money, but signing a petition can make a huge difference and pressure governments to offer more support and aid. Remember to confirm the petition signature in your emails too.

Remember to spread the word, keep the conversation going and share with your friends & family.