I Am A Voter is an initiative created by a group of passionate and empowered businesswomen who are trying to ensure that every American casts their vote in the election this year.

They run a non-partisan campaign to ensure that no matter what your beliefs, that you get out there and vote this November.

The Founders of I Am A Voter

Founded by Mandana Dayani, Natalie Tran and Tiffany Bensley, two years ago, I Am A Voter encourages all people to cast a vote and enjoy their rights to democracy.

Mandana Dayan founder of IAAV
Mandana Dayan
Natalie Tran founder of I am A Voter
Natalie Tran
Tiffany Bensley IAAV
Tiffany Bensley

The team consists of the three founders along with a team of sixteen amazing women, who volunteer to champion the campaign across their many fields of business.

We caught up with one of the founding team, Alle Fister to find out more about I Am A Voter.

Alongside her work for IAAV, Alle is the founder of Bollare, which is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle public relations firm, with offices in LA and New York. She answered some of our questions about the campaign and how to register to vote.

Alle Fister

Why was there the need to create this initiative?

Democracy works best when we all participate. I Am A Voter is a non-partisan movement that aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement, encouraging people to get involved in shaping the type of country and world that they want to live in.

How do you support first time voters?

Our tools help ensure that we have the ability to vote! Our website and text platform help you register to vote, direct you to your polling place, help you request a vote by mail ballot and send you reminders for all your elections. Our content is fact based and we want to share important voting information such as deadlines and vote early dates in a clear and concise way.

Check out for resources to help you: Get registeredCheck your registration statusSign up for local election reminders You can also TEXT ‘Voter’ to 26797 to receive updates straight to your phone.

Why should younger people engage more with the political climate?

Voter turnout was only 61% in 2016 which means you probably know someone who didn’t vote so we have an incredible opportunity this year to turn out new voters. Everyone is an influencer – meaning everyone has a platform and a network that they can activate. Do a post on social media, remind your friends about deadlines and check in with family to make sure they have their voting plan locked in. If they need more information, you can always direct them to our website or text platform. We all have the power to shape and create the type of world that we want to live in – let’s exercise our right and our voice with our VOTE.

News outlets can often be overwhelming, how would you recommend reading more around the people on the ballet?

Diversify where and how you get your information – check various credible and authenticated sources from different points of view and reach (local, national). Before going to vote, familiarize yourself with who and what is on the ballot, research your candidates and measures and candidates and mark your choices on a sample ballot before going to your polling place (or however you will be voting) before you go to vote so you’re well prepared.

What is your favourite thing about being involved with I Am A Voter?

The team! We have the most amazing group of women behind I am a voter, all volunteers who are passionate about inspiring others to be civically engaged. It is incredible what we have been able to accomplish together. From seeing celebrities such Jennifer Aniston change their instagram bio to I am a voter, to brands like Missguided supporting our work, to TikTok stars creating PSAs in our merch – it is really cool.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned whilst being involved with I Am A Voter?

How many options you have to vote – at least 83% American voters can cast their ballots by mail this year. If you’re not sure what your options are, text VOTER to 26797 and we’ll make sure you get the information you need to cast your vote in November! The most important thing to do now is to PLAN your vote, so check out our tools to make sure you have ample time to plan your way to the polls!

Why is it important for everyone to exercise their rights?

Democracy works best when we all participate – you have the power to shape the world you live in. Every decision that affects our daily lives you can trace back to an elected position! Want the pothole on your road fixed? Or better public public services? As a voter, you can influence these outcomes by electing leaders that align with your values and vision. Voting is the most powerful tool we have to make change, so let’s use it!

What is the end goal of I Am A Voter?

To create a cultural shift around civic engagement – it is cool to be in the know, it is cool to be involved! If someone isn’t already registered, how can they sign up through I Am A Voter? Check out or text VOTER to 26797