Meet the Model: Bella Harris

Daughter of record producer Jimmy Jam, who’s brought us tunes such as Usher ‘U remind me’, was scouted when she was 13 years old and has been slayin ever since, oh and she knows Drake…

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Tell us about yourself…

I feel like I’m a pretty regular 16 year old Junior in high school with a twin brother and I also have an older brother who is in college in Arizona. My mom is my best friend & Momager and we are basically together all the time. She always travels with me when I work.

My father Jimmy Jam is a successful record producer, he was also the Chairman of the Grammys so I have been exposed to some pretty amazing things and met some of the greatest people in music.

I got tall at an early age, when I was 13 and I was scouted and signed with a modeling agency in Los Angeles.  School was always a priority to me and my Mom, so I could only work and go on castings after school and on weekends.

My first Instagram name when I was younger was a combination of me and my best friend at the time but it was really confusing to a lot of people especially so I changed it to just my name. My middle name is just an initial ‘B’ so thats why my Instagram became Bella B Harris and maybe one day I’ll be known as ‘Bella B’.

I have so many hopes and dreams for the future. You don’t have to label or define yourself by just one thing. I hope to be successful at modeling and really nail all aspects of the modeling business but I really want to do so much more. I have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and I love fashion and the fashion industry. I hope to collaborate on a clothing line and maybe do a capsule collection or two, one day turning it into my own complete line. I also have a love for interior design and I love envisioning and creating spaces.

What’s your girl power motto?

Girl power starts with believing in yourself. It’s important to lend support and help to empower other women. Stand up for them and help them when they are down. It’s important as girls that we stand together and build each other up, not tear each other down.

What’s your favorite noughties film?

I loved the the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. I remember it actually taught me a lot about fashion and that it is quite a serious business. There were a lot of messages, lessons and humor in it and I also loved the clothes.

Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

Bella Hadid is my favorite fashion icon at the moment. Her looks are so effortless and I especially love her edgy, tomboy but feminine style.

What do you love about the Galore and Missguided collaboration?

The Galore and Missguided collaboration is so beautiful. I love that the clothes are meant to empower women and make them feel special, confident and cute. It was the perfect mix of soft and strong pieces and I loved what I wore in the shoot!

Who is your female hero?

My female hero would have to be Rihanna. I was speechless when I met her and she was so nice and friendly to me. She has accomplished and achieved so much in her career. I mean she can honestly do no wrong and I wish I could pull off all of the outfits she wears. I love her Fenty-Puma clothing line and I was thrilled when I was booked to model in her Fenty-Puma presentation for her new Spring line.

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes me would be the really smiley cat emoji. It’s one of my favourites.

What’s the secret to self confidence?

The secret of self confidence would have to start with just loving and accepting yourself.  Don’t ever doubt yourself, don’t ever give up. Once you feel pretty on the inside, it will show on the outside.

Who would be in your girl band?

My girl band would be me, Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles.

What posters did you have on your wall?

I didn’t have posters on my wall but if I did it would have been Selena Gomez she is one of the sweetest people I’ve met and she gave me some advice about the business.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

My favorite piece from the collection would be the red long slip dress that I wore in the shoot. It was really pretty on and I’m obsessed with slip dresses. The red gown is a perfect show-stopper because of the colour and the sexiness.

Tell us a secret…

If I tell you a secret, it wouldn’t be a secret.

What is the last song you played?

The last song I played was ‘Fake Love’ by Drake.

Secret addiction?

My secret addiction would be chokers. I love them because you can really dress up an outfit with a sparkly choker or add pizzazz to an outfit with a cute lace or velvet one and I even wore one with my Halloween costume this year.

What is your favourite comeback to haters?

My favourite comeback to haters is ignoring them. If you don’t care then they can’t win.  Once you comment back, they know that they made you mad so they will keep taunting you. If you don’t acknowledge the hate then it ends there. If the situation is something more serious or gets out of hand then I would block.

If you could swap places with anyone for the day, who would it be and why?

If I could swap places with anyone for a day, it would probably be Beyonce. It would be so cool live in her shoes and see things from her perspective. I would love to have her view from the stage and see the impact that you could have on girls and women striving to be like you giving them joy, happiness, inspiration and hope.

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