Babes on the rise: An interview with fire illustrator Sophie Rose Brampton

Like what you see? We caught up with freelance illustrator Sophie Brampton to talk female empowerment, babe power mottoes and motivational tracks that make you feel like you’ll own anything and everything.

Sophie Brampton Missguided Babe Power

Photo credit: Sarah Goad Photography

What does Babe Power mean to you?
Babe power to me, means showing support to other girls and finding who you are, as a woman in
this male-dominated world.

What is your babe power motto?
‘Not your babygurl’ is a quote I often use in my artwork. It represents being yourself and going out to
get what you want, for no one but yourself.

Tell us a bit about your work?
My work is strongly influenced by women- their bodies, their fashion, their individuality. I try to
celebrate femininity through illustration and colour. And with some sassy quotes.

Sophie Brampton Missguided

Which babe out there inspires you the most?
I’m not sure if I could name just one- I obsess over so many female creatives! One inspiration that
stands out to me however would be Solange Knowles. Her sense of style, creativity and depth in her
music inspires me to depict a message I believe in through my work.

What one piece of advice would you give a younger you?
Keep up the drawing and painting that you never thought would turn into a career- it’s possible!!

Why is it important to empower women?
It’s important to empower women as we shouldn’t have to go through ‘slut shaming’, body criticism
and sexist comments as daily occurrences. We must learn to support other girls and not put them
down or view them as competition. Rebel against the media!

What is your babe power track to lift you up and make you feel you can take on the world?
My babe power track would have to be ‘F*ck With Myself’ by Banks, she’s one of my fave female
artists and her latest album ‘The Altar’ is full of bad-gal feelings.

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Sophie Brampton Babe Power

Photo credit: Sarah Goad Photography

Sophie Brampton Missguided Illustrator