Get To Know- Kat & Kat Comedy

Stand up, fashion and comedy in a pandemic

We are 100% about championing more women in comedy, especially when it comes to Kat & Kat comedy . These empowered trailblazers aren’t afraid to break down barriers (and the patriarchy), when it comes to their sketches, stand up shows and social media channels.

The pair met on Facebook after realising they were both up-and-coming comedians with similar interests and obviously, similar names. We chatted to them about their new show, first impressions and fashion.

You can grab tickets for their 2021 show The Whoring Twenties here, but if you can’t wait that long, subscribe to their Youtube channel for more funny sh*t.

Meet Kat & Kat

Name: Katerina Robinson
Hometown: Hertfordshire
Starsign: Taurus ♉

How long have you been gigging in comedy?

I have been gigging for about 2 years now and absolutely loving it!

What did you do before comedy?

I am predominantly an Actress and I have worked in events for many years.

Name: Kat Ronson
Hometown: Leeds
Starsign: Leo ♌

How long have you been gigging in comedy?

2 years? Something like that.

What did you do before comedy?

I’m an Actress and have worked as an MUA since I was 20.

Kat & Kat Interview

We caught up with the two Kats to find out more about how they got started in comedy, their stand-up rituals and how to support live comedy in a pandemic.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Kat Robinson: On first impressions I found Kat very approachable and ballsy. The first night we met I watched her perform a poem about her vagina and I knew from that day she is someone I wanted in my life!
Kat Ronson: I thought Kat was really shy and really sweet. I was like ‘Oh god, I’m gonna corrupt this lassy’. And I certainly have.

What was the first project you worked on together

Kat Robinson: Our first project together was a comedy sketch about girls “acting street.” We didn’t even plan it, I turned up to Kat’s flat and we talked about some sketch ideas. Then we walked over to this park with her iPad and tripod, set it up and just started improvising and bantering with each other. It just felt so natural and it ended up becoming one of our most successful sketches, which recently got bought by a comedy channel!

What can people expect from The Whoreing Twenties?

Kat Ronson: We wanted it to be fun and we really have made a full production of it. We love fashion and dressing in wigs and being weird – a mic and a plain backdrop doing jokes for an hour just isn’t really for us. How I feel when I hear Cyndi Lauper ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ that’s how I want people to feel. And laugh their tits off, too.

The whoring twenties poster

What is each other’s most annoying habit when you are working together?

Kat Robinson: I know for a fact if I message Kat on Whatsapp about a project at 8am, I will most likely not get a reply till around midday as she’s either asleep, hungover or both! Kat has a very laid back Northern vibe about her, whereas us Southerners stress out about running out of milk!
Kat Ronson: Kat can be super aggy. Goodness! It is funny. She’ll send loads of voice notes asking for things and worrying about stuff beyond our control. I like to only focus on agg when I’m addressing it and not for any longer!

How to do you pump yourself up for a standup gig?

Kat Robinson: I always have a strong coffee before a stand-up gig and I try listen to some sassy music beforehand! I’ve recently been listening to WAP by Cardi B and Megan Stallion and it’s definitely been getting me in that “I’m ready to perform” vibe!
Kat Ronson: Rum & coke. I have learnt not to have more than 2… the hard way.

What has surprised you the most during your career in comedy?

Kat Robinson: How closed minded some people can be! One of the reasons I got into comedy is because I’m quite shy, but I have loads of dating disasters and sex stories, which I wanted to share. It’s crazy that in 2020 people still feel uncomfortable with a woman speaking about sex. I’ve had rows of people looking at me in disgust, but I just think lighten up it’s only a bit of fun!
Kat Ronson: How serious some people are. I had the joy and life sucked out of me slowly. I started comedy all excited at this new performance form, but the organisers would be so serious and other comedians would look at me like ‘who the fuck are you’. It gave me a lot of anxiety about performing. It’s strange to me that something supposed to bring joy could be so draining. I don’t get it!

Kat & Kat Comedy press shot

What do you wear to feel most confident on stage?

Kat Robinson: I like to dress as if I’m going on a night out for my comedy gigs. I talk a lot about dating and one-night stands, so I feel really confident wearing a mini dress, cowboy boots, PVC leggings etc! I think how I dress complements my act.
Kat Ronson: I used to proper dress down and look like a scruff when I started. It’s not a secret that people hate pretty women at gigs and I thought people would take me more seriously. (How depressing). But then I thought NO. Why am I just pretending I’m not powerful and hiding? So now I love to go full glam, I love PVC and leather trousers, thigh boots. I think it’s all in the platform shoe and hoops combo though. You just feel ready to destroy the stage and fight any hecklers.

What did a typical day in lockdown look like for you?

Kat Robinson: I would start my day with a home workout, make a smoothie, chat to a few friends on Zoom, Kat convinced me to get Hayu so I’ve been watching loads of Real Housewives and Kardashians!
Kat Ronson: Oh… Real Housewives, multipacks of crisps, coffee, complaining.

How can we support comedians that have lost out on work due to Covid 19?

Kat Robinson: Social Media is a great way to support comedians like reposting clips, sharing stuff on Instagram stories. There is also an open letter, which you can sign called #SaveLiveComedy.

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