Lessons to live by from Baddie Winkle

baddie winkle

Never, ever be afraid to speak your mind!

baddie winkle missguided

Remember can’t is a bad word

Eliminate that word from your vocabulary because you CAN

missguided baddie winkle

Confidence is the best accessory a babe can have, so work it

baddie winkle style

Remember to wear whatever makes you happy…

Life is too short to wear boring clothes so wear whatever the f*ck you want!

baddie winkle fashion

Never pay attention to a basic, you’re better than that.  Positive vibes only!

baddie winkle and missguided

Always hold your head high or your crown will slip!

baddie winkle missguided

No one remembers the nights you went to sleep…

Remember you’re never, ever too old to party

baddie winkle instagram

Sometimes you need to break the rules, that’s what they’re there for!

And anyway it’s good to be on the naughty list

instagram baddie winkle

Ain’t nobody got time for fuckboys…

Remember to keep your standards as high as your heels, you’re a qween after all

baddie missguided

You only live once so live your best life…

And give people something to look at on Instagram

baddie winkle 2016

Slay all day, erry day.