Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Discover our Q&A with Lauren Black, founder of community based brand Love Glow Heal. If you’re looking to boost your body confidence and self-esteem Lauren’s e-book is the key to beginning your healing journey 💕

Written by Harriet Hitie

May 10, 2022

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Struggling with body confidence, self-esteem and overall happiness is unfortunately pretty common in our society. There is a huge pressure to look, feel and act a certain way to feel part of something. Over the last few years these feelings may have intensified or started to occur due to numerous waves of huge change, instability, and global anxiety.

Lauren Black, founder of community based brand Love Glow Heal aims to transform individuals who have low body confidence and self-esteem, to a happier state of mind and outlook on both themselves, their future, and the world around them. Lauren’s new ‘7 Day Self Esteem and Body Confidence Challenge E-Book With Hypnosis’ provides readers with the tools to start their journey on building their self-esteem and confidence. The e-book includes a series of hypnosis audio recordings along with her personal practices. Throughout the challenge you’ll be guided on your journey to self acceptance, gain an understanding of your ego, inner child and higher self. The e-book was created along side Lauren’s therapist Ruth Ann Adams, they use neurolinguistic programming in the audio’s which safely helps rewire your negative subconscious beliefs, and you’ll be equipped to move forward as the happiest, healthiest version of you.

This e-book is for you if you:

  • Struggle to accept yourself,
  • Struggle with body image,
  • You’re on the wait list for professional help,
  • Struggle with feeling insecure in relationships,
  • You want to improve your confidence but don’t know how,
  • You want to accept yourself,
  • You want to improve your inner dialogue,
  • And have an overwhelming feeling of not being good enough.

Get to know Lauren Black, founder of LGH

Heya, I’m Lauren 💕 I never know how to introduce myself because part of me still identifies with being a fashion influencer and I’ll always love fashion, but I went into anorexia recovery and I documented it online in 2020 I was not prepared for my complete transformation. My content started to change when I began sharing my body confidence journey. With the weight gain I knew I could help other people, and I was quite alone so it was nice for me to have a community of support too. I’ve done therapies including CBT, DBT, EMDR, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Inner child therapy, Regression, Crystal healing and my own spiritual healing practices. This has led me to a place where I am confident in who I am, I’m at peace with my past and I’ve stepped into who I’m meant to be. I know my worth, I know how to insert my boundaries and I know how to help people get to the same place. After speaking to hundreds of women in my dm’s and knowing that not everyone has the same privilege to get the same private help I had, I decided to launch Love Glow Heal which is a new brand with the focus of taking you from where you are to where you want to go and how you want to feel. I’ve launched an e-book packed with activities and integrated hypnotherapy from my therapist Ruth Ann Adams to assist people to what it all usually goes back to – self worth. I go deep, I’m raw and honest and it’s the best project I’ve ever worked on. I’ve intentionally made it extremely affordable so it’s accessible to everyone, and I hope you love it!

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Take a look at our Q&A with Lauren below ✨

Why did you decide to go on your own self healing journey and build your brand and community?

I came to the realisation that I was suffering with an eating disorder, and three months into my recovery I felt like I was hiding something huge that was going on in my life from my followers. I knew if I shared what I was going through in real time I’d be able to help anyone else who was experiencing the same journey as myself. I started to notice that I was helping people and encouraging them, I would never stop that now, and out of this experience I found my calling and something that gives me purpose.

What was the best thing about writing your e-book?

The best thing was feeling into and acknowledging how these practices assisted me in getting to where I am now. Also, knowing that reliving my experiences and sharing them put me in a position where I can truly help people. That for me makes my heart fulfilled.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Can you give us a sneak peak of your favourite chapter, or a chapter that you believe helped you the most?

My favourite chapter is where we dive into the ego, inner child and higher self, and how these take a role in all of our lives. I believe that if it wasn’t for me working with all three of these I wouldn’t be who I am now. The hypnotherapy in this chapter is so important on the journey to self confidence and stepping into who you really are.

What is hypnotherapy and how has it helped you?

Hypnosis is a safe way to get to the root cause of your issues. In a relaxed state we can get through to the subconscious mind, by getting to the root cause we can recognise and release what no longer is serving us. By using neurolinguistic programming we can begin to make new neurological pathways that support our life moving forwards.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black
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How do you form body confidence?

Body confidence is formed in 4 ways: perceptual, cognitive, behavioural, and affective. Determining how we see, think, feel and act as a result of the first three. One of my top tips is to stop the comparison thoughts in the process of it happening, so if I’m on my phone, it’s immediately noticing the thought and putting the phone straight down and finding something else to do (whatever it is) and use I AM affirmations whilst doing it. Telling your brain that you accept yourself on a daily basis helps to form those new neurological pathways we were speaking about earlier.

How long did it take you to gain body confidence and gain more self-esteem?

I went into Anorexia recovery in 2020, I was so open to trying everything and anything to get me out of that place I was in. You could throw me the most spiritual activities even if I thought it was weird I did it anyway. There was no way I was going to stay ill and that willingness, determination and privilege to be able to have the help I’ve had was what got me here in 2022.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Do you have any simple practices which you do everyday which help you feel more at peace, accepting yourself, bringing you confidence and higher self-esteem?

Every morning I start with the cleanse and clear audio which is included in the e-book, this is part of energy work and by doing this daily you’ll get to understand what your own energy feels like and notice when you’re picking up other peoples. It clears negative energy which is important when you want to feel more at peace. I journal a lot, I have full conversations with my inner child, my higher self and my ego so that I can understand what’s going on within, and I listen and challenge them all. I go about my day to day tasks with mindfulness. So, I recognise what is happening in the present, if I’m taking a shower it’s noticing the temperature, feeling the products and drawing my attention to my breath rather than jumping in and out and rushing onto the next task. The more mindful you are the more gratitude you can express, and therefore the happier you’ll be.

What is your favourite healing practice?

Hypnosis, meditation and yoga… I can’t choose haha! I also have an obsession with collecting crystals and learning about them.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

Who has helped you throughout your confidence journey? Was speaking to family, friends, and a therapist key?

I’m going to be honest, I was quite lonely in my journey. When you go through a transformation like I have people don’t realise that it’s not just you that changes, everything changes. I had to shake up my whole life to be where I am now and that meant everyone and everything in it who wasn’t serving me had to go. I asked the universe to take away everything and anyone who wasn’t meant to be with the best version of me, and it did haha! I would say my therapist Ruth is one of the most special humans I’ve ever met. Without her I don’t know where I’d be, and my friends who have stuck with me are my family <3

What has been the highlight of your confidence and self-esteem journey so far?

The highlight for me is looking back and seeing how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed and transformed in such a short space of time. Looking back everything makes sense, they say hindsight is always 2020 (excuse the pun as it actually was 2020 haha).

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black
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What would your younger self say if they looked at where you are now and what you have created/achieved?

I’m tearing up even thinking about it haha, she would say wow you’re so cool, I can’t believe that you were able to drag yourself up every single time you were knocked down. I’m so proud of you for embracing the darkness, pushing through and keeping faith even when all you wanted to do was crumble. She’d also say can you take me ice skating more often haha!

What has been the highlight of your career journey so far?

Wow that is difficult, I have a few. Going to the Brits in 2020 and all the influencer trips I’ve been on have been amazing highlights. I would say having the opportunity to share some of my story on the BBC documentary “The Instagram Effect” was a dream, and speaking on BBC Radio 1 and ITV were huge pinch me moments.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black
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You have achieved so much, and you’re such an inspiration. Have you thought of any new goals?

My new goals are helping as many people as possible whilst living the life of my dreams. Freedom is created when you aren’t tied to your own chains and I’m starting to really feel that freedom now. It would be an honour for me to guide as many people as possible to this place. I have big plans for Love Glow Heal.

What more do you think could be done to close the gap of taking people from where they are to where they want to be and how they want to feel?

I’m healing spiritually and clinically and that’s not mainstream, so it’s about getting this information out there in the hope it will make people feel less alone wherever they are on their journey. Also, making sure people know where to go to gain the information and the tools that they need to progress forwards in whichever way they choose.

Love Glow Heal with Lauren Black

How can we be involved in your community and brand, and where can we purchase your e-book?

I have a TikTok and Instagram account dedicated to healing content where I talk about relationships, therapy, trauma, inner child, spirituality, higher self, meditation and anxiety! Also, when you purchase my e-book we have a private Facebook group that everyone can join!