Love Island: Best Bits

After 8 weeks of grafting, pie-ing and cracking on, the sun has set on this year’s series. Worthy winners Dani and Jack have been crowned 2018 king and queen of Love Island. To be honest, they’re all winners in our eyes because we loved every single minute of the past 49 episodes. How are we going to fill our evenings now? To tide us over until the day our fave show is back on our screens next year, let’s just take a minute to reminisce about some of our favourite Love Island 2018 moments.

1) Jack and Dani


Our winners! Their relationship has just been an actual fairytale from start to finish, right? Our favourite pen salesman swept Dani off her feet within a matter of days, and despite some minor hiccups, it was an absolute pleasure to watch. Plus Jack getting grilled by Danny Dyer Senior was what we were all waiting for.

2) Dr Alex failing at doctor basics


Pretty sure the bare minimum you need to get a medical degree is to be able to identify the sex of a baby (even one made of plastic) and to know not to throw it across a patio. Alas, Dr Alex failed both of these basic tests, so we think we’ll definitely be avoiding A&E when he’s working, thanks! 

3) Call the fire brigade


Here’s a thought… The boys might have rescued the girls from the imaginary fire a bit quicker if they’d spent less time gyrating into the floor. But hey, who are we to argue, it was a sight to behold. Our personal highlight was Idris falling off the pole and onto his head. 

4) “I’m loyal, babe”


Who could talk about this series’ defining moments without mentioning Georgia Steel and her loyalty? Yes, we heard about it 12 times an hour for weeks. And yes, her loyalty was questionable at times (ahem, THAT kiss), but man we loved this girl. Her sass and composure when Josh picked Kaz was next level.

5) Adam getting the pie-ing he deserved

Adam seemingly couldn’t get through a week without hopping to the next brunette, and he certainly left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. But, he finally got his comeuppance in the snog, marry, pie challenge, when Dani took her revenge. Do it for the girls, Dani, that looks satisfying.

6) Samira following her heart


Samira finally found love with Frankie, but he was cruelly ripped away from her when he was dumped by the public. After spending a couple of days moping around, gazing at photographs of him like he’d gone to war, she decided to sashay her way out of the villa and back into his arms. Our hero.

7) Anything that came out of Hayley’s mouth

The Brexit/trees conversation was probably our highlight of the series, but Hayley gave us more than that. Whether it was failing to pronounce Eyal’s name, needing a geography lesson on where London is, or mugging off Alex in the challenge, she was a star and we were gutted she left so early.

8) When Jack was all of us


While Dani cooked her little socks off preparing fajitas for the whole villa, Jack just generally got under her feet and ate all the food. Then took all the credit! Reminds us of “helping” our parents in the kitchen after school… And usually getting shooed away sharpish.  

9) The boys’ bromance

As soon as the girls were out of sight, the boys turned into actual kids and their growing friendships were a joy to watch. Whether they were play fighting, rapping, or putting on questionable accents, they had us in stitches from start to finish. Plus, DBS meetings were always a highlight.


10) Escape to Casa Amor

When the boys received a text telling them they were off for a day out, they had to leave without the girls realising. Instead of just pretending to go to the toilet like any normal person would, they completed a full tactical, SAS style escape plan. How did none of the girls wake up?


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