Love Island tweets that made us lol

Gossip in the villa is finally starting to get juicy and we are getting more invested every day. We’ve rounded up the funniest Love Island tweets and reaction memes to all the stuff that’s been happening this week. Plus we’ve dropped in a couple of our own, because we can.

*WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SPOILERS* Scroll down at your own risk babe.

ICYMI: Leanne dumped Mike and then left the villa after not being picked in the latest recouping. Mike has now conveniently realised that he has always had a special connection with Jess, much to the annoyance of Luke T. Also Nas was just being his usual adorable self.

Now you’re all caught up, you can enjoy this week’s Love Island tweets that made us lol

This impression is so on-point, we cannot deal.

Luke M is on a mad one.

Weird how the connection has ‘always been there’ when he has a connection with Leanne 20 seconds ago.

She picked the wrong day to dump her man. Recouplings took the toll.

‘Hi, I’m Mike and I have lots of experience in creating ‘special connections’ with girls in the villa’,

CEO of being the cutest Islander.

*running after her* “JESS, JESS, JESS, CAN I GRAB YOU FOR A CHAT?”

We don’t deserve Nas.

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