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Go on then, just one more episode.

Netflix And Chill Blankets Fireplace

It’s safe to say we’re all stuck indoors thanks to lockdown part two. Whether you’re planning a date night or taking the day off work for some much needed me time. We have you covered with our list of tv shows and movies on Netflix that are right up your street. So, get cosy in some loungewear and keep reading to get all the tea of your new fave Netflix shows.

If you’re still obsessed with Breaking Bad, check out Ozark

Breaking Bad Missguided
Ozark Missguided

Ozark is about a family who, after money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong. Financial Adviser “Marty” escapes death by offering to set up a massive laundering operation around Lake Ozark in central Missouri. Like Breaking Bad, there are lots of twists and turns along with new challenges every episode. So, if you like sitting on the edge of your seat, this one is for you.

If you like Selling Sunset, get watching Interior Design Masters on Netflix

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Interior Design Masters Missguided

Who doesn’t love a good BBC show? Interior Design Maters allow contestants to design a room in a hotel for example. These rooms are judged, resulting in a contestant leaving each episode. A winner is eventually crowned and wins a life-changing interior design contract. So, if you were obsessed with the mansions and ultra-new Renos on Selling Sunset, you’ll be hooked on Interior Design Masters in no time.

If you like How I Met Your Mother, try End Of The F*ing World

How I Met Your Mother Missguided
End Of The Fucking World Missguided

End Of The F*ing World is a shockingly dark comedy that first aired in 2017. Fans were so obsessed with it, they practically bullied the studio into making another series that came out last year. So, If you love becoming enthralled with characters, like How I Met Your Mother, we suggest adding this to your watch list ASAP.

If you like Tiger King, search Don’t F**k With Cats on Netflix

Tiger King Missguided
Dont Fuck With Cats Missguided

If you love all things cats, drama, and murder, then Don’t F**ck With Cats is for you. Before you proceed, BIG warning. If you hate animal cruelty, this one might not be for you. However, what’s really impressive about the series is the focus on a group of random strangers who come together on Facebook to track down an animal abuser which eventually turns into a murderer, it’s rather impressive. So, if we ever go missing, please can you contact Deanna Thompson and Luke Magnotta ASAP.

If you like Master Chef, check out Million Pound Menu on Netflix

Master Chef Missguided
Million Pound Menu Missguided

Hosted by everyone’s favourite Parisian First Dates presenter, Fred Sirieix comes through with all the French flair we could possibly ask for this one. The series goes as follows – Food truck owners are selected to create a trial restaurant. Resulting in one restaurant being offered up to one million to open a permanent restaurant based on their food, service and overall vibe of the restaurant. If you like the intensity of Master Chef, you’ll go crazy for the high steaks of Million Pound Menu.

So there you have it, thanks to lockdown part two, you’ve got all the excuses in the world to kick back, relax, and binge as many Netflix shows as you want. We reckon if you start now, you could watch all the shows we’ve recommended in one day. Give it a go, you might as well. 

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