All the new Netflix releases you need to know about

Netflix has become’s everyone’s new best friend in lockdown. Need a laugh, a cry or just to zone out, Netflix is always there for you. If you feel like you have watched every show possible, think again. We’ve rounded up some of the best new releases for you to get stuck into.

If you spend more time scrolling through Netflix, than actually watching it, take a look at our list, so that you can hit search, sit back, throw on your comfiest pair of joggers and relax.

New Netflix shows June 2020

With Summer being nearly upon us, it is easy to feel guilty about sitting inside and binge-watching TV, but we have been literally instructed to do so by the government, so take that instruction and run with it. Absolutely nobody is gonna judge you for streaming a whole series in a day, or watching three sh*tty rom coms back to back.

13 Reasons Why

Settle in for EVEN more drama with the last ever series of 13 Reasons Why. The Liberty High students are navigating their final year, alongside covering up murders, dealing with their demons and trying to be normal teenagers.

Queer Eye

YAS HUNTY. The Fab 5 are back and this time they are making over the city of Philadelphia. Get ready for more tears, laughs and iconic JVN moments. Queer Eye is the ultimate feel-good show to soothe your soul.

Athlete A

A hard-hitting documentary about the cruel and all-too common abuse that exists in the world of professional gymnastics. This film exposes the countless coverups in the industry and why is has been going on for so long.

Netflix Athlete A
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Lenox Hill

If you are interested with what ACTUALLY goes on in a hospital, then this is the show for you. For fans of One Born Every Minute and 999 What’s Your Emergency, this documentary follows two brain surgeons, an A&E doctor and a gynaecologist on their daily round in one of New York’s busiest hospitals.

The Woods

This new series comes from the creator of The Stranger. It’s based around the disappearance of a group of teenagers at a Summer camp back in 1994. Refusing to give up the search, one of the victim’s brothers starts up a new investigation 25 years later. Get ready for some serious twists and turns.

George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half 

Fancy a laugh? Yeah we all do right now. George Lopez is known for being one of America’s most legendary stand up comedians and he lives up to that title. “We’ll Do It For Half” is his first Netflix special talks about his life in the Latino community, politics and the older generation.

George Lopez Netflix special
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Your Netflix-watching uniform

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