5 outside activities for the best time with friends

Defrosting day drinking

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 1, 2021

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It’s officially day drinking season. We can’t think of anything better than sitting outside in a park with our mates, drinking beers and playing games. We have waited a whole year for this and we are going to make the most out of it. So get your summer and spring dresses ready and get prepping for the summer sizzle. Keep scrolling to get the 101 on what summer activities you need to do with your friends this season.

outside activities to do with friends

  1. Spring cocktail making
  2. Drinking games
  3. Tennis
  4. Outdoor workout
  5. Aesthetic picnic

spring cocktail making

So, we’ve all seen the Corona mixer drink floating around TikTok, right? Why not give this drink a go with your mates this summer?

outside activities day drinking cocktail making

drinking games

For a new drinking game, try ‘number 10’. This simple drinking game requires everyone to sit in a circle and try to count from 1-10 without people saying a letter at the same time. Whoever says a number together drinks – simple yet effective.

outside activities drinking games


If you’re looking for a sport that’s actually fun, why not take up tennis with your gal pal? This requires a tennis outfit, obvs. Who doesn’t love a tennis skirt and crop top?

outside activities tennis

outdoor workout

Take your fitness plan outside this summer and participate with your friends to take the work out of your workout.

outside activities outdoor workout

aesthetic picnic

Here at Missguided, we love an aesthetic picnic. We’ve all seen the Pinterest picnics all over TikTok by now. So, if you wanna create an aesthetic picnic, supply the best picnic foods or need help with your picnic outfit, we’ve got you covered.

outside activities aesthetic picnic

So there you have it, all the outside activities we will be getting up to now that the 29th March has rolled around. Remember, just because you can see your friends, you should still take things cautiously and keep your distance. The harder we work now, the quicker we will get to June 21st. Check out our spring dresses now that we actually have a reason to shop.