If You Do One Thing This Week, Head To Palm Vaults, London

If you don’t love fancy retro interiors, pastel plant pots hanging from the ceiling, and quirky furniture, then you probably need to skip past this blog post. Head to Palm Vaults in London to feed your need for cool food and some fire Insta shots. 

Palm Vaults opened last summer and already we’re obsessed. It’s one of the many independent coffee shops to be opened on Mare Street, Hackney. Opting for a coffee but ditching dairy? Go for coconut, soya, almond and vegan coffee combos to help you out.

Palm Vaults have now expanded from specialising in coffee – they now sell breakfast, brunch and lunch. Breakfast options include the classic avocado toast, coconut yogurt, and some seriously healthy options that’ll make you feel as though you’ve been eating clean your whole life. Want a sugar fix? Check out their range of vegan cakes, including avocado fudge cake. We want it all.

Lovely photo from @chloeschlothesblog she wrote a review on her blog, have a look 💞

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Grey Mondays but it’s always summer in #palmvaults thank you for this snap @annelieskruidenier #westelmuk

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The interior is like stepping into Florida in the 70s. Cast your eyes over cascading botanicals, gold decor features throughout the cafe, pink velvet chairs, and cool books dotted around.

It’s clean and clear design is the stuff what insta dreams are made of.

Our little palm palace 💞🌴💞 love this photo … thank you @catmorley 💞

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That night time palm glow #palmvaults

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Very nice to see the @waveygarms book in the cafe … for all of your reading pleasure 💕 cover is 🔥🔥 lamp by @groundonesix

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Palm Vaults is actually a place that lives up its hype. Even if you’re not vegetarian, this’ll appeal to foodies everywhere.

Wondering what the opening times are at Palm Vaults? Head down to Mare Street Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:30pm and until 6pm Sat, 5pm, Sun. Follow them on insta @palmvaults to see a taster of their menu.

It’s the bohemian cafe and not-so-secret oasis you need in your life. Trust us.