How to survive your period at a festival

Unwanted leaks? We don’t know her.

Written by Liv Grady

August 18, 2021

girl wearing festival outfit

Your bags are packed, cute outfits planned and everything is ready to go, then you get that feeling of coming on your period. Don’t let let leaks ruin your outfit, save money and the planet with &SISTERS sustainable period care. There will be no period shaming here, we will give you simple tips to help you manage your period without worrying about leaks ruining your outfit, smells or any unwanted disasters.

There are endless articles and posts out there about how to survive a festival in the rain or the heat, but we are going to give you tips for having the best weekend, no matter what time of month the festival falls on.

How to manage your period at a festival

Although access to toilets and showers are restricted, they are still available. With our simple packing list and easy tips, you won’t have to give your period a second thought.

If you are self conscious of leaks during the festival opt for darker-coloured bottoms where it won’t be as obvious and ask your pals to be on red alert (literally). You could also pop a shirt or top in your bag which you can just tie around your waist.

Period packing list for festivals

  • &Sisters nüdie Cup
  • Extra tissues and toilet roll
  • Spare knickers
  • &Sisters pads with wings for nights
  • Bum bag or shoulder bag
Nudie-Group-Shot for your period at a festival

&Sisters Nüdie Cup

If you haven’t made the swap to a period cup yet, then the nüdie period cup by &Sisters is a great place to start. These eco friendly period cups are the softest on the market and no need to worry about leaks as the nudie period cup can work for up to 12 hours. When emptying your nudie over the weekend simply take a bottle of water into the toilet to rinse the cup out before reinserting with clean, sanitised hands. make sure to fully sanitise your nudie at the end of your period. These innovative and comfortable menstrual cups are designed to respect the vagina’s natural pH, reducing the chances of irritations or toxic shock syndrome. Find out more about the Nüdie Cup here.

Extra tissues and toilet roll

Most festivals are pretty spot-on when it comes to replenishing tissue in the (less than pleasant) toilets. However, you don’t want to fall short, especially if you are on your period. Just pop a packet of tissues in your bumbag for the day and you are good to go.

Spare Knickers

Better to be safe than sorry, hey? Roll up a pair of knickers and pop them in your bag for the day. Even if you don’t need them, they will offer you a security blanket and stop you from worrying about potential leaks. Trust us when we say that nobody wants to miss their fave DJ to trek back to the tent and swap underwear.

&Sisters pads with wings for nights

Sleeping at a festival is uncomfortable at the best of times, period or not. Opt for a comfortable pad that you can trust to see you through ’till morning. Avoid a 5am emergency dash to the portaloo, with the &Sisters Heavy/Night pads. They are 100% organic, contain 0% plastic and are sustainably sourced. They are available in a pack of 12, which should see you through the weekend.

A bum bag or cross body bag

Don’t stress about finding practical clothes with pockets, simply invest in a handy bum bag or cross body bag that will fit in all your period essentials, along with your phone and money.