The post-pandemic dating guide

3 Simple tips for easing yourself back in

Written by Liv Grady

May 15, 2021

post-pandemic dating guide

It’s no secret that our love lives have changed over the last year, for both people in relationships and singletons. There has been break-ups, long distance relationships and a boost in the numbers of people using apps. However, now that lockdown is lifting, the reality of post-pandemic dating is starting to kick in.

For many single people in 2020, the ‘talking stage’ seemed to be the furthest relationships could go, but now the pressure is on to actually meet people in real life. If you are wondering how to transition into post-pandemic dating, or you need a little reassurance, we got you.

According to the dating app Badoo, 78% of single British people can’t remember how to date in real life because of lockdown. But remember, dating shouldn’t be scary, it should be exciting and fun. If the anxiety outweighs the butterflies, there is nothing wrong with taking a few more weeks before meeting up with someone outside of your bubble.

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post-pandemic dating meal

How to ease yourself into post-pandemic dating

Talk about your stance on covid ahead of the date

Over the course of 2020, many people took different stances on the guidelines, some very loosely following the rules and others sticking to the guidelines. If you or your family may be vulnerable to the virus and you feel nervous about meeting your date due to it, make sure you ask the questions ahead of time.

Take a free rapid test

If catching the virus or spreading it is a major concern, why not get some free rapid tests from The NHS? You can take these before and after your date to ensure you both feel comfortable in each other’s company. These are available even if you don’t have any symptoms. Also handy to have at home if you are a serial dater and cosying up with someone new every night.

Book somewhere

It’s no secret that every bar, restaurant and coffee shop has been packed to the brim. Avoid aimlessly wandering round a busy town centre with your date, by booking ahead. Avoid walk-in only locations, unless you fancy moving on after your first location.

Wrap up warm

Despite indoor venues opening soon, many places have expanded to accommodate outdoor seating, so chances are, you might be placed on a picnic bench out the front of a bar or restaurant. Make sure you are prepared with a nice coat that matches your outfit.

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