Quick Ways To Feel Productive In Lockdown

Level up this lockdown

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Life has never felt more like a simulation at the moment. Thanks to lockdown, the vibe is very Sims 2020 – were all trapped in our houses setting things on fire. Here at Missguided, our new theme is “Netflix? Completed it mate.” So, if you’re sick of spending every day on the sofa wallowing in a pit of sorrow, why not change up you’re routine and get those creative juices flowing? Sure, we are in the middle of a second wave, but who said lockdown has to be boring? From wardrobe organisation to learn how to make a creative cv, there are so many productive things you can start feel like you’re on top of the world.

When is lockdown over?

Lockdown SHOULD be over at 12am 2nd December (that’s my birthday tehe). But who knows, it could always get extended. That’s exactly why it’s important to make a list of productive things to do, just in case being locked inside is extended through Winter.

Productive things to do while isolating at home

Start Christmas Shopping this lockdown

Christmas presents Missguided

Not to be dramatic, but 2020 has been naff, and we can’t wait for it to be over. But that doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled. Why not get the worst bit of Christmas out the way so you can enjoy the run-up? Make a start on your friends and family Christmas wish lists. If you need inspo or you’re ready to purchase, we have some killer Christmas gifts at Missguided for your nearest and dearests.

Get the Christmas decor up

christmas decorations Missguided

Normally, if the Christmas decorations go up before 1st December – just get in the bin. But like we said, this year hasn’t been the one. So, the rules have gone out the window. Get in the holiday spirit by transforming your home into a winter wonderland this Christmas. From outdoor wall lights to traditional wreath/garlands and Christmas candles. We love to see it.

Practice your nail art game

nail inspo coloured tips lockdown

Who else suddenly finds the most confidence as soon as the acrylics are applied? There’s nothing better than tapping on a keyboard with freshly manicured nails. Monthly nails can be a big expense. So why not learn how to give yourself an at-home manicure? You can create a masterpiece with our nail polishes and accessories such as stick-on gems and all essential nail files. If you need some serious nail inspo, check out our blog on nail trends for winter 2020.

Start an online course this lockdown

work online course lockdown

Its time to level up your knowledge this lockdown. Yes, we know. Sitting on the sofa with a packet of sensations is heavenly. But why not use your time wisely and invest in yourself while we are stuck inside? Whether you’re looking to improve your professional portfolio or pursue a new hobby, there are so many free courses online provided by universities and industry expert,s just waiting for you to join. Who knows, you may learn a new skill, or keep the boredom at bay.

Make a bucket list

travel iceland lockdown

It only makes sense to look ahead while in lockdown number two. Just thinking about brighter days, cheap all inclusive holidays and getting a tan gives us those warm fuzzy feelings. Rather than rotting away in your pyjamas for the 2nd week in a row, change your mindset and think about all the things you can get up to once this nightmare is over. Looking to catch more flights next year? Create a pinboard map to plan out your next adventure post Covid19.

Start a blog this lockdown

work start a blog lockdown

Thanks to lockdown, it’s safe to say that everyone’s mental health is all over the place. Not having a lot of social interaction is hard. We need to express ourselves, so it’s important that we have an outlet to do so. So, if you’re feeling down or just want to talk about stuff online, start a blog. Whether you’re using it as an online portfolio, or a space to share your passions, try something new in lockdown and get those creative juices flowing. If you’re wondering how to start a blog, it’s super easy. There are lots of online platforms to help you. Get Googling to level up yourself this season.

Lockdown outfits

So, there you have it. We hope you try a couple of things of this list to lift your lockdown spirits this winter. If you feel like you need a lockdown wardrobe refresh, check out our loungewear and our new lockdown styles for all the comfy vibes this season, or check out some of our faves below.