Things to remember as a woman in the workplace

Asserting yourself is important, don’t forget that

Written by Liv Grady

January 28, 2021

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Women can face many barriers in the workplace, from sexism, to battling the glass ceiling and struggles with their progression due to motherhood. Although this shouldn’t be the case in 2021, sadly it is. If you find that work is getting you down, take a look at our top tips to remember as a powerful woman in the workplace.

How to assert yourself as a woman in the workplace

How to assert yourself as a woman in the workplace

1. Remember, nobody is perfect

The pressure to be the BEST employee, hit your targets, manage your personal life and even be a mum, is immense. Remember you are only one person, doing 1 million jobs to the best of your ability. Write a list, delegate what you can and work on achievable goals. Even if less gets done, the work will be to a higher standard because you dedicated the time and resource you actually needed.

2. Take risks

There has been thousands of studies to show that men ASK for more in the workplace. They ask for promotions, they ask for pay rises and they ask for progression. Even thought it might be scary, take that risk, because you deserve a pay rise just as much as Steve from accounts.

3. Be confident in yourself

Stop writing emails with ‘I just’ and ‘sorry for the delay’, be assertive and say what you mean. Use language that gets shit done. When working for a company, you are all striving towards the same goal. Do not be afraid to ask a colleague for work, to nudge someone on a reply or to let a team member know you are going to have to push back on a deadline.

4. Be authentically you

Don’t be afraid to style out your look with a bit of personality (obviously appropriately to the dress code), open up to your colleagues and show them how amazing you really are. Of course we all want to be professional at work, but your personality and attitude is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

5. Become an expert

Assert yourself by being the best at what you do. Spend time in work reading up around your profession and discovering self-development. Ask your manager if you can attend courses, better yourself and become the leader you always knew you would be.

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