Reminders for people who are struggling with friendships

National BFF day- 8th June

Written by Liv Grady

June 9, 2021

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Friendships should be easy, right? But they don’t always feel that way. Following a year of isolation, it has been impossible to ignore all the instagram posts about ‘real friends’ reaching out and messaging first.

If you constantly find yourself comparing friendships you see on social media, feeling like a bad friend or struggling to stay in touch with the ones you care about, take a look at some of our fave reminders below. To celebrate National Best Friends day, take a look some quotes to help you deal with your friendships.

Reminders to help you cope with different friendships

“You have not met all the people you will love”

If you are suffering with toxic friendships, or you feel like your friendships are falling away, try to remember that more people will come into your life and new friendships will form.


“choosing what’s best for you will mean no longer choosing some people”

Sometimes it is crucial to asses whether your current relationships are making you more joy or sadness. Sometimes that means cutting out people that have been in your life for a long time.


“Don’t become good at staying in toxic situations”

It’s not just relationships that can be toxic, friendships can be too. Don’t feel like you need to stick around, just because you once classed that person as your friend.

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“Sorry if i have been distant, i’ve been struggling with self love lately”

Remember, friendship is a two way street, your pals might not always be able to provide the support you need, but there might be reasons behind why they have been so quiet? Have you checked in to see if THEY are doing okay?

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