Say It Or Shot It With Nikita Dragun

From living life to past experiences

Nikita Dragun Missguided X Playboy

Nobody panic. We’ve only gone and hoasted the one and only Nikita Dragun on our youtube channel! Here at Missguided, we are obsessed with Nikita for her amazing sense of style, authentic personality and the fact that shes 1000% true to who she is. You already know that at Missguided, we are all about loving and being ourselves to the fullest extent. Nikita Dragun embodies our philosophy perfectly, as not only is she so open about being trans and the stigma that follows that, she is also completely open about her life, mistakes, relationships and more. We think that’s bloody amazing, so we just had to team up with her for a video.

So, we decided to participate in the ever so popular Say It Or Shot It. Mostly because we know we can get the real tea out of Nikita. We asked all sorts from ‘whos the last person to DM you on Insta to’ to ‘biggest turn on and turn off? Check out the video below or keep scrolling to steal her look and shop Missguided X Playboy.

Our fave quotes from the video

“I miss my fake ID because now I can never show my kids what my fake ID looked like, even though I probably shouldn’t show my kids what my fake ID looked like because that’s a bad example”

What’s your fave item in your wardrobe right now? “Obviously this Missguided x Playboy collection because I’ve been wearing Missguided x Playboy since the first collection and I’ve been obsessed”

I want to meet new people, go outside without having a mask on *crying* – Honestly, its a whole mood.

If you had to change careers what would you do? “I would be a nun” lol, okay hun.

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