The best self-love affirmations and how to practise them

It’s time to change that mindset and bring some positivity into your life

Written by Liv Grady

February 11, 2021

self love affirmations

Self-love affirmations have become more popular over the last few years, with seemingly everyone practicing it on TikTok an Instagram. It may seem like a bit of a fad, but there may actually be some truth behind the hype.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself to overcome negative thoughts. By repeating them daily you start to believe them and make positive changes to reflect them.

Do affirmations work?

Whilst they might not work for everyone, incorporating self-love affirmations into your daily routine can hep change your mindset and actually cause you to make positive changes. If you start to believe your affirmations, you will act upon them.

If you want to try using self-love affirmations, but you aren’t sure where to start, we got you. Believe it or not, you have probably used affimations without even realising. If you have ever said to yourself, ‘I am trying my best’ ‘I’ve got what it takes’ ‘I CAN get this job’, then you have already introduced affirmations into your life.

Simple statements like these can help shift your mind away from negativity and hatred towards yourself and help you focus on your strengths. These might be strengths you already have and strengths you want to develop in the future.

It’s important to bear in mind that affirmations aren’t a magic spell, you have to put in the groundwork to change your mind set, but they can definitely be a tool that helps you on your journey.

How to practise self-love affirmations

Learning to love yourself and your body can be difficult, it takes a lot of unlearning and dismissing of negative thoughts that are ingrained into your mind. Whether you hate the way you look, you question all of your social interactions or you constantly put yourself down for no good reason, self-love affirmations could change your mindset.

Easy ways to do affirmations

  • Write a list each morning

Each morning, write out a list of negative thoughts you dislike about yourself or your body. Then, one by one, cross them out and write something positive about yourself instead. This can be something you currently feel or something you want to feel. Keep doing this each morning until your list of positives is longer than your list of negatives.

  • Repeat your affirmations in the mirror

Before you start your day, make your cup of coffee or even jump in the shower, stand in front of your mirror and really look at yourself. Point out 5 self-love affirmations each day. This could be about how much you love your boobs, how kind you are, how good your hair looks, anything you fancy!

  • Repeat self-love affirmations in your head whilst doing deep breaths for 5 minutes a day

By combining breathing exercises and affirmations, you are encouraging a mediative state. Put a timer on your phone for five minutes, find somewhere comfortable to sit and repeat a positive statement to yourself on every deep breath in. If a negative thought comes into your head, try to do a big exhale and feel it leaving your body.

Examples of self-love affirmations

If you are new to affirmations, here are some examples that you can get started with.

  1. I have worked hard and deserve to be where I am
  2. My body is beautiful, healthy and serves me every day
  3. I am more than just the way I look
  4. My imperfections are what make me unique
  5. I am proud of everything I have achieved
  6. I choose me over anyone else
  7. I don’t need validation from others
  8. Only I can create change in my life
  9. My negative thoughts do not define me
  10. I will care for myself as much as I care for others

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