Outdoor sports hairstyles that will actually last 101

Hair is a workout’s worst enemy

Written by Georgia Chappell

March 31, 2021

sports hairstyles

Picking up your workout journey once again and sick of your hair flopping all over the place? Same, its every girls nightmare. So, if you need some super slick and supportive hairstyles to snatch your locks while you’re getting a sweat on, look no further than our go to hairstyles below, brought to you by TikTok. From slick ponytails to bobble braids, if you wanna workout and look cute while doing it, these hairstyles are for you.

For the perfect kick starter workout for your summer bod, try Pamela Reif’s 15 min HIIT workout. Once you have mastered this, move to the 20 +30 min workouts and you’ll achieve your dream look in no time.

supportive sports hairstyles 101

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So there you have it, make sure your hair is snatched while you get your sweat on. We reckon its time you upgraded your sportwear gear. We are officially over working out in an oversized t shirt and year old leggings. Check out our go to activewear below.